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Congratulations on being accepted as a Red Aspen Affiliate! We are so excited kick off this partnership and welcome you to this journey. Our mission is to inspire women to stand up, stand out and stand together by uniting passion with purpose.

Follow these 3 steps to get settled in and acquainted with Red Aspen before setting off as a Red Aspen Affiliate expert.


Step 1) Meet, Red Aspen.


The people

We want to start off by formally introducing ourselves! Red Aspen is a social selling beauty brand founded in 2017 by Jesse McKinney (CEO), Genie Reese (CSO) and Amanda Moore (COO). Today, we have an amazing team of over 2,000 Brand Ambassadors who run their own Red Aspen businesses.

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The products

To rep Red Aspen, you’re going to need to get to know the product lineup!

The journey started with our flagship product -false eyelashes. Today, we have Nail Dashes, eyeliners, mascara, liquid lipsticks, blush, liquid highlighters, eyeshadow, and a complete brow system. The coolest part? Almost all of our products are named after inspirational, real-life women nominated by our Red Aspen Brand Ambassadors or our Treehouse team. We release blogs about the story of each woman, you can find them here!

If you’re feeling like snooping around our site a bit to familiarize yourself with our products, click each image below to learn more or shop.


Okay, okay, you’re probably wondering, where do Affiliates fall in all of this?

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Step 2) Sales TIps + Content Library


Step 3 ) Game Plan: YOUR MOVE