Interested in learning more about Red Aspen's  Awards & Recognition program? You're in the right place. We're excited to share the different ways you can grow and be recognized with Red Aspen.

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Step 1) Learn about Red Aspen’s Monthly Sponsor & Sales Society Awards


What is the monthly sponsor & Sales society?

Red Aspen wants to reward you for all your hard work throughout the month! When you sell 500 PV you’ll automatically be added to Sales Society the next month, and when you sponsor 1 person we’ll add you to the Sponsor Society the next month! As a Society member you’ll be provided with exclusive business challenges that we’ll send via email to help you grow your business.

So how does it work exactly?

Let’s say that you earn Sponsor or Sales Society in January. Awesome! That means that we will send your your challenges and other goodies the first week of February.

What comes in the Society Kit and seed kit?

Society Kits contain fun (and FREE!) Red Aspen products that you can use to participate in the monthly challenges. Please note that you don’t need the Society Kit to participate in challenges.

Seed Kits are cute product packages that you can share with others that are interested in trying on Red Aspen for size.

How will I know if I’ve been added to Sponsor or Sales society?

We will send you an email at the beginning of the month letting you know that you’ve been added as a Society member for the month.

I earned both sponsor and sales society. Are the challenges different?

Nope! They are totally the same. We don’t want to overload you with challenges.

I earned both sponsor and sales society. will i get two society kits?

No, sorry, only one kit per monthly Society membership.


STEP 2) Find out more about red aspen’s annual Sales & Sponsor Society awards


What is the Annual sponsor & Sales society?

You work SO hard throughout the year and we are excited to recognize you for your sales and sponsoring efforts! When you sponsor 5 or more new team members or sell 5k PV during the annual awards qualification period we will recognize you by putting your name on our wall of fame. But wait, there’s more! The perks only build from there. When you sponsor 20+ personal team members or sell 20k PV we will honor you with a customized trophy at Red Aspen’s Annual Girls Weekend.

Can I earn an annual sales society and annual sponsor society award?

Yes! You can totally earn both awards.


STEP 3) Discover Red Aspen’s Annual Value Awards Program



Award Eligibility:

How will I know if I've earned an award?

The Treehouse will notify you if you are the recipient of an award and will also broadcast your accomplishment via social media and Red Aspen’s awards slideshow.

Who is eligible to earn awards?

Any Brand Ambassador in good standing with the Treehouse is eligible to earn monthly, annual and lifetime awards. 

Award Qualification Periods:

Monthly Qualification Period

Monthly qualification periods mirror the monthly commission cycle (12:00 am MST on the first day of the month through 11:59 pm MST on the last day of the month).

Annual Award Qualification Period

Red Aspen's annual award qualification period runs from August 1 - July 31