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You'll feel so groovy in these silk lashes. These lashes are short and sweet and add just the right amount of pizzazz so you can get down boogie.



Like, totally, are you ready for these faux mink lashes? Yes? Then prepare for the most tubular lashes on the market. Your eyes are going to look totally radical!



Small lashes? As if! If you're looking for the most bangin’ silk lashes around look no further! Boo-ya! If you don't like this lash you can talk to the hand.

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battle of the lashes


What is the Battle of the Lashes? 

The three founders of Red Aspen each picked a lash, and they’re taking them to battle! You and your customers can purchase the “Battle of the Lashes” pack and you’ll be able to try all three options before voting.

What comes with the Battle of the Lashes pack? 

The Battle of the lashes pack comes with three unique lashes in a reusable, commemorative storage case.

How much does the Battle of the Lashes pack cost? 


How do I know which lash is which? 

Top Lash: Amanda’s 70’s Lash

Middle Lash: Jesse’s 80’s Lash

Bottom Lash: Genie’s 90’s Lash

Why are the lashes named after different decades?

We were so inspired by makeup and lash looks throughout history, each founder decided to pick a lash they felt embodied their favorite decade and battle it out for all-time best lash.

How do I vote? 

Cast your vote at

When can I vote? 

Voting opens on July 10th, 2019 and runs through midnight July 31st, 2019. The winner will be announced  Aug 1st, 2019.

What will happen with the lash that gets the most votes?

The lash with the most votes will be renamed and added to Red Aspen’s ongoing lash collection.  

Are the lashes in the Battle of the Lashes pack available for sale individually? 

No. We want you to test each lash and vote for your favorite! The winner will be made available for individual sale at a later date.

How long will the Battle of the Lashes pack be available? 

This pack is available while supplies last.  Red Aspen will make every attempt to give Brand Ambassadors a heads up when we start running low on inventory. Please note that voting ends at Midnight, July 31st, 2019 but Red Aspen will continue to sell Battle of the Lashes packs until inventory is gone.