build your birthday business kit 

Red Aspen’s one year anniversary is right around the corner and we’re ready to celebrate! For a limited time new enrollees can build their own birthday business kit! New enrollees simply begin with the $30 Tech + Tools pack, then add the Red Aspen curated, PV eligible, discounted system kit of their choice. 



Build your Birthday Business Kit? What does that mean?

Red Aspen’s one year anniversary is right around the corner and we’re ready to celebrate!  We’re launching a super special enrollment promotion that allows new BAs to build their own Business Kit that helps them to hone in on their passions. New enrollees simply add the $30 Tech + Tools pack to their cart, then add Red Aspen curated, PV eligible, discounted system kits to their cart. Keep reading to learn more about what this is!

What are the system kits?  

System kits offer a curated array of products that help the Brand Ambassador focus and learn about different Red Aspen systems - lashes and brows. It’s important to us that people have the ability to focus on their passions, and we’re excited to help new Brand Ambassadors build a kit that allows them to focus on one (or multiple!) Red Aspen beauty systems that they love!

How do I build my birthday business kit?  

Step 1: Visit your Brand Ambassadors website and click “join.”

Step 2: Add the Tech + Tools Base Kit to your cart. This kit is required to join, and ensures you have the tools and fundamentals you need to get your business up and running.

Step 3: Add your discounted, PV eligible product kit(s) to your cart.

What’s included in the various kit options and how much do they cost?

Each of the following kits was curated by Red Aspen, and comes with the product, tools and training that you need to get your business up and running in as little time as possible. Additionally, each system kit has a brief, corresponding training and marketing kit available on the Treehouse so you can become a system beauty boss in no time flat!


Value: $74   Price: $30    PV: 0

3 Month Business Website Subscription - Anti Gravity Sticker - Padfolio - Welcome Letter - Tech Sticker - Paycard* - Social Media Checklist - Business Launch Checklist - Miss Lash - Sample Adhesive

*Paycard ships directly from Hyperwallet after BA has ordered card


Value: $116   Price: $80   PV: 76

Free Lash Book - Free Gigi Lash - Ericka Lash - Priya Lash - Lash Applicator - Mini Scissors - 3.5 mL Lash Adhesive - Lash Trial Stic Pack - Lash Training Card


Value: $106   Price: $70   PV: 70

Free Dawn Primer - Free Pink Lacey Browlight Pencil - Ultimate Pencil Sharpener - Medium Averie’s Brow Pencil - Dark Averie’s Brow Pencil - Gold Lacey Browlight Pencil - Brow Training Card   

Is the ‘Build Your Birthday Business Kit’ PV eligible?

The Tech + Tools Kit is not PV eligible, however, the system kits do qualify for PV. Please refer to the previous question or the enrollment page to determine the PV associated with each kit.

Can I purchase more than one system kit during the enrollment process?

You can purchase as many of the system kits as you’d like during enrollment. However, only one of each kit can be added to the cart (e.g. you can’t add two brow kits or three lash kits to your cart).  

Can i exchange any products that came in my lash or brow system kit?

No, exchanges cannot be made on any individual product included in the Lash or Brow System Kit. However, per our 20 day satisfaction promise you may return the entire Lash or Brow System Kit for a full refund less commissions.

Are the discounted product system kits available outside of the enrollment process?

No. The discounted packs are only available at the time of enrollment.

Let’s talk about the Training that comes with each system kit. Can you explain this a little bit more?

Absolutely. Each system kit comes with a card that will direct the new Brand Ambassador to a training page on the Treehouse. Here the new BA can get all the information they need to successfully use and talk about the products that came in their kit.

Is it possible to join Red Aspen by only purchasing the Tech + Tools Kit?

Yes, you automatically join Red Aspen when you purchase the Tech + Tools Kit for $30 (plus tax). Just remember that you’ve only got one shot to purchase the other discounted, PV eligible system kits at enrollment.

Is shipping still free on the business kit?

Yes, indeed!

How long will the ‘Build Your Birthday Business Kit’ promotion run?

The Build Your Birthday Business Kit promotion ends on October 18th, 2018, at 11:59 pm (Red Aspen’s first birthday!).

Will the traditional kit be available during the promotion?

No, but yes (confused? Keep reading!).The traditional kit costs $110, and comes with all the technology, tools and product you need to run a successful Red Aspen business. If you select the Lash System Kit with the Technology Kit, the grand total (before tax) is $110. Thus, it’s the same price, but has more product. It is a celebration after all!