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Let’s celebrate Red Aspen turning 2!

Introducing our Birthday Celebration Kit! This incredible join kit is a $272 value for only $80 and includes everything you need (plus a little extra) to start a Red Aspen Business. It will be available until Oct 25th at 11:59 pm.

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The Birthday Celebration Kit will be available from October 17th - October 25th at 11:59 pm and even includes fun, limited-time products like our HBD Red Aspen Nail Dash, and NEW limited edition Core Values Bag. The bag will also be available for purchase individually for all current Brand Ambassadors in the business hub. Check out the complete Birthday Kit contents:

Shipping + Handling - 3 Month Website Subscription - Anti Gravity Sticker - Core Values Bag* - Welcome Letter - Tech Sticker Business - Launch Checklist – Paycard - Pump It Up, Maggie - Asha's Ink Liner - Lash Applicator - Miss Lash - Joy Lash - Camille Lash - Lash Adhesive - Lash Book (Soft Glam Lash Book Bundle) - HBD Red Aspen Nail Dash* - Tina's Urban Jungle Nail Dash - Purple Rae Nail Dash - Marciamallow Nail Dash - Kathryn & The Ballet Slipper Nail Dash

*Kit contents are subject to change based on product availability. If the HBD Red Aspen Nail Dash is sold out, we will replace it with the Jenna’s Faded Pink Nail Dash. If the Core Values bag is sold out, it will be replaced with our Pink Padfolio.



Are the Base Business Kits and System Kits still available in addition to the Birthday Kit?

Yes! Our regular Base Kit and system add-on kits will still be available.

What is the different between the Birthday kit and regular Base Business Kit if they’re both $80?

Each kit includes different products - the regular base kit is a $142 value at an $80 price, while the Birthday kit is $272 value at an $80. Talk about an incredible deal!

Is the Birthday Kit PV eligible?

No, it is not.

If I’m a current Brand Ambassador, can I still buy the Birthday Kit?

No, but you can buy all of the product in the kit individually. You can even purchase the limited edition Core Values bag in your hub!

Is shipping still free on the Birthday Business Kit?

Shipping is already included in the $80 price of the Birthday Kit!

What happens if the HBD Nail Dash sells out? Will it still be available in the Birthday Kit?

If HBD Red Aspen sells out it will be replaced with Jenna’s Faded Pink Nail Dash in the Birthday Kit.

What happens if the Core value bag sells out INDIVIDUALLY? Will it still be available in the Birthday Kit?

It will be replaced with our regular pink Padfolio that comes in the Base Business Kit.