10 Beauty Tips for the Busy Woman


Look fabulous in a matter of minutes with these easy tips!


1: know your go-to look.

Nothing helps you get out the door faster than not having to worry about how to do your makeup for the day. Whether your everyday look requires lashes and a lipstick or just a few swipes of Pump It Up, Maggie and perfect brows to compete your morning routine, knowing exactly what it takes to make you feel ready to take on the day is crucial to saving time. Whatever look makes you feel most comfortable is going to be the best choice for you to do anytime, anywhere, or for any occasion!

2: plan ahead.

Before you go to bed, it’s likely that you’re envisioning your outfit for the next day. Why not do the same for your make-up look? Getting an idea of what kind of what new make-up trend you want to rock the next day will tremendously help you feel prepared when you get up in the morning to start getting ready. This way, you’re not running late because you couldn’t decide on whether Safari Sunset or Red Rose matched your outfit better.

3: Organize your beauty products.

Nothing is more frustrating than having to dig through your make-up drawers to find your favorite products. Instead of going through each of your bags and drawers, have everything all ready to go! Whether you prefer to separate your products by their type or which ones you use the most, doing so will help an easy-going routine that keeps you from loosing your favorite things! You want getting ready to be enjoyable, not stressful- do your future self a favor and make your most-used products readily available for when you don’t have time to dig through to find your Clearly Claire Lip Gloss! Pro tip: when you realize you only have a little bit of your favorite products left, save yourself some time and remember to order them ASAP that way you have a backup all ready to go when it runs out!

4: Have a few helpful friends.


You’re a busy woman- you don’t have time to learn all the new beauty trends- that’s what your friends are for! The beautiful thing about having unique gal friends around is that you get to benefit from their skills! Can’t braid? Struggle to nail a wing eyeliner look? Does applying false lashes just the way you like stress you out? No problem! That’s what your girls are for. Could you learn how to? Of course! But why take the time when you have personal make-up artists happy to help you with whatever creative look you’ve been dying to try! When you have a little extra time, have them teach you so you can do them at home!

5: Keep extra products in your bag or at the office.

Unfortunately, effortless looks actually require some effort. Throughout your busy day, there might be some areas of your look in need of a quick touch-up! This is why it’s a fabulous idea to carry a few essentials with you for the moments your look needs a pick-me-up. Good thing products like Molly Gets Matte and Averie’s Brow Pencil are so petite that they can easily hide in a desk drawer or inside your purse! Carrying a few extra dashes and some nail glue on you is also a great idea just in case you run into a situation where you need your nails to be looking their absolute best.


6: Be prepared for anything

Meeting at 10am, going live on Instagram at noon, dentist appointment at 3pm, kids to practice 5pm, and oh-no! A holiday party at 6pm you totally forgot to schedule! No worries though, because you keep a Poppy Lip Kit and Naomi’s Glambam Liner on deck for days you don’t have time to run all the way home and get ready. When you’ve mastered your everyday look as mentioned above, it’s easy to add a little something extra to get you #partyready in no time at all! After all, you’re a superwoman- of course can conquer a busy day and still look amazing for any event!

7: practice important looks before the day of the event.


Weddings, prom, holidays, and big events- you want to look your best! Sometimes, this even means trying an all new look. If a simple Miss Lash is your go-to, but you’re dying to try a Serina Lash for your special event? Go for it! Trying a Violet Lip or a bold lash for a night-out is a fantastic idea, but applying beforehand will help you decide if you like how it looks on you. There’s nothing worse than trying a bold new look an hour before the day of your important event, not loving it, and having to stress about starting over. Save yourself the time and worry by perfecting the look before your big day so you can apply it with ease and confidence!

8: Multi-task in a new way.

You’re amazing at finding ways to balance your daily tasks, why not do the same with your beauty products? Keep fewer beauty products in your purse by using our products in all new helpful ways! Kara Gets Glowing Highlighter can easily be used to give you an over all glow you’ll love- just add a few drops in your tinted moisturizer or foundation, mix, and apply for a subtle shimmery look! Another trick? Swipe a small amount of Molly Gets Matte on your cheek, blend it in a little, and boom- you have a liquid blush! Amanda Moore, busy mom of two and Red Aspen COO, says she used Naomi’s Glambam Eyeliner in the brown shade to fill in her eyebrows when she forgets her brow pencil at the office - how genius! Share your creative uses for Red Aspen products by tagging @redaspenlove in your photo, we would love to see your #girlboss tips and tricks.

9: Prep the night before.

Whether you give yourself 10 minutes or a full hour to do your night-time routine, there are a few simple things you can do at night to make your morning routine simple and easy! First, and the most simple, get plenty of sleep! Not only will this motivate you to wake up refreshed on your first alarm and start your day, but your skin will thank you too! When you don’t have a lot of time in the morning, the last thing you want to worry about is having to deal with tired skin. Washing your face and never sleep with make-up on, doing so will clog your pores, cause breakouts, and will be harder to work with in the morning when you get ready. Lastly, use skin products on your face that leave your skin soft, clear, and ready for product application- good make-up look starts with a smooth base!

10: Remember what’s important


Let’s be real, sometimes there are days so crazy there really isn’t time to do your full beauty routine. And that’s okay! These tips are helpful for when you have a moment to get ready in the morning, touch-up during the day, or go full glam for a big event. But when life gets busy and prevents you from taking time for yourself, don’t stress! Make-up is a fun way to enhance your beautiful features, but it isn’t necessary! On those busy days, all you need is a swipe of Maggie and you're good to go.