The definition of 'ground floor opportunity'


It seems like you hear the term "ground floor opportunity" quite a bit these days, but sometimes it's hard to decipher where the true opportunity lies. In that spirit we decided to turn to our trusty friend (MATH) to show you the tremendous opportunity that is Red Aspen. 

1. Let's start with our inputs: 

United States Population: 323.1 million people

Red Aspen Brand Ambassador Count: 1,141

2. Next, let's write out our equation for opportunity: 

US Population / Brand Ambassador Count = Opportunity

3. Next, plug it in! 

323,100,000 / 1,141 = 283,172.65

So let's put that number into perspective, shall we? There are 283,172 people in the United States per Brand Ambassador. If that's not opportunity then I'm not sure what is!  

4. Product line expanding

Lashes are just the beginning! Expect to see our product line expand exponentially over the course of the next year as we transition into a full-fledged beauty company. 

Interested in joining us? Connect with your local Brand Ambassador, or check us out at and click 'Join now.'