Why Red Aspen

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When we launched Red Aspen I don’t think we realized how many different motivations there are to join this uh-maz-ing company. Don’t get me wrong, we knew there were quite a few motivating factors, but actually getting out into the field and talking with our Brand Ambassadors has opened up a whole new world of intention. THERE ARE SO MANY REASONS TO JOIN, and this post is dedicated to our collection of why women choose to join Red Aspen on a daily basis:

  • They’re looking for a side hustle or a way to make a little extra cash on the side.

  • Some are looking for a break from their kids, while others are looking to make some money so they can spend more time with their kids. Kiddos and family are definitely a big factor!  

  • A lot of people are looking to do something for themselves, to have something that’s just theirs.

  • We’ve met several business owners that decided to start a Red Aspen business because they wanted to expand their horizons and grow their network or just to make new friends and meet new people.

  • Red Aspen products are awesome (ya, we’re biased and unapologetic!), but we hear it over and over again: I joined because I love the product and it sells itself.

  • The fact that Brand Ambassadors can handle all their pop ups virtually is a big plus. Virtual pop ups are easier, cheaper, faster, and more efficient than in home parties and events. Plus, you don’t have to wear a bra, you can sip iced tea while you facilitate, you can run multiple pop ups at once, and you can do them from anywhere. Bingo.  

  • The Treehouse puts SO much time and effort into creating beautiful imagery and photos, so it’s no wonder that we’ve heard that people join because of the beautiful branding.

  • The comradery. Red Aspen Brand Ambassadors are the best (again, biased and again, unapologetic). They are always willing to help a sista out and help one another be successful.

  • We were hoping this next one would be a solid motivator, so we were thrilled when a Brand Ambassador thanked us for not printing paper sales assets. We’d much rather have you spend your hard-earned cash on yourself, not on printed brochures or forms, especially when technology can do the heavy lifting. P.S. 1998 called and it wants its catalogs back.

  • Have you visited the Treehouse (treehouse.redaspenlove.com)? Red Aspen provides world class training that’s completely open. That’s right. It’s available for everyone to see so potential Brand Ambassadors can see what kind of training is provided before they even sign up. Unlike other companies, we don’t hide our training behind our firewall. Let’s be #transparent, shall we?

  • We’ve got a pretty awesome sales and recognition program, and that’s a deal maker for some people. They want to go for the gold!

Did we miss anything? If yes, leave us a comment and let us know!