Why Red Aspen Lashes?


It’s no surprise that we at Red Aspen are lash obsessed. If there was a jeopardy category titled “lashes” we’d win for sure. Our product knowledge and passion for beauty made us the perfect team to develop Red Aspen’s lash category.

We’re often asked what makes Red Aspen lashes so special and sets them apart from other brands. There’s not just one thing that makes our lashes so amazing, there are like a million things.

  1. When you pick up a pair of lashes at the drugstore you’re only going to be able to wear them once. With proper care, our lashes can be worn multiple times.

  2. The band on Red Aspen lashes is made of flexible cotton, so they are comfortable enough for all day wear.

  3. Our lashes are cruelty free.

  4. The quality of our lashes is unparalleled. Everything from the luxe lash fibers to the flexible band are ultra premium.

  5. Red Aspen’s lash selection can enhance and support whatever makeup look you want to achieve. Simple and sophisticated? Night out on the town? Somewhere in between? We’ve got you covered.