Chloe Cedar & Sally Sage

Cedar & Sage, name a better duo! (Throwback to FEBRUARY, anyone?)

How about the mother & daughter duo of Sally Ferguson and Chloe Ross! These women are unstoppable, adventurous, outdoorsy and arguable the coolest mother / daughter pair we know. We are honored to name our Chloe Cedar and Sally Sage Nail Dashes after them, read on to learn why these women are so amazing!




Sally is the Executive Director at a nonprofit that aims to maintain Idaho’s two largest wilderness areas. It’s called the Selway-Bitterroot Frank Church Foundation, and one of the core aspects of this nonprofit foundation is their internships program, which develops young men and women into becoming wilderness professionals.



“Our Wilderness Ranger Internship Program is like nothing else in the country, because we focus specifically on wilderness skills training. We give our interns, after we've hand selected them, we give them two weeks of very specific training. It includes training with experienced packers, it includes wilderness first responder; it includes five days of crosscut training that results in a certification.” Sally says about the program.



In her free time, Sally loves to be out on the ski slopes, in the back-country mountains, camping, and doing all the outdoorsy things. In addition to all this, Sally also raised her amazing daughter Chloe.


Much like her Mom, Chloe also loves to travel and joined the Peace Corp. Chloe was stationed in Malawi, Africa for two years! These days, she works for the City of Boise and loves spending her free time hiking in the desert or rafting one of Idaho’s many gorgeous rivers.

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