5 Tips for Transitioning to Fall and Going Back to School

Trust us, we get it. WHERE DID SUMMER GO?



As much as we’d like to continue chasing the ice cream vendor down the street and drinking adult beverages on a patio (any patio, we’re not picky), we know summer is coming to a close. Soon it will be PSLs, Uggs, and knit hats—not that we’re complaining (#Basic #YAASSSS)!

While you’re thinking about going from summer rompers and espadrilles to sweaters and suede booties, let’s talk about transitioning the kids back to school, and YOU(!) back to work!


1. Just one more day...


Designate one more day to nothing but summer fun! Make sure it’s communicated and discussed with all members of the family. Don’t know what to do? Hang out at the pool/lake/waterpark one more time. Take that day trip to the historical mining town, have a picnic, and take your pictures behind bars at the decrepit jail. Make a total mess of the kitchen by having a “best chef” cook-off. Do the one thing you talked about all summer but never did!

Name the day and talk about it, so everyone mentally prepares for earlier mornings and homework (or side hustling). Getting back into a routine doesn’t have to be a depressing thing; it comes with new school supplies and backpacks, afterall (and new shoes?). So make sure you communicate it as a last summer hurrah before embarking on an entirely new—and fun!—adventure.

And you? If you’ve been ignoring work “stuff,” get back into it. Start wrapping your mind around getting back into the work groove. A little mental preparation goes a long way!


2. Start talking schedule.

If you have kids going into junior high, make sure they have their schedule and know whether they have Mr. Smith with the toupee for gym or Miss Jones with the mini-fridge for art. Even if your kids are in elementary school, you should still be talking schedule. Tell them in a few more days they’ll need to go to bed earlier, and when they wake up, they will get ready for school and not a play date. Talking about a schedule will help you all get back into the mindset that you’ll be watching the clock more often.

How will your schedule will change? Figure out NOW how best to organize all the things for yourself and the little people in your life. Come up with a plan that will be easy for everyone to follow through on.

3. Get back to bed.

Don’t wait until the night before the first day of school to start implementing a bedtime routine. If you’ve been letting bedtime fall sometime after ice cream and before Jimmy Fallon/Kimmel, start incrementally changing that. Start bath time earlier, and let older kids know they only have “30 more minutes!” before they need to be off their devices and in bed with a book. It doesn’t have to be all at once; 15 minutes each day for a handful of days will make a big difference.

If you’ve been binging the new season of... Well, everything on Netflix, wrap it up. You’re already beautiful, and we want you to stay that way, so start getting your beauty sleep! Put a moratorium on TV binging (until the weekend, obvi) and start in on the Sleepytime Tea. Go to bed early with the September Vogue, so you’re bright-eyed and bushy-haired in the morning.

4. Start morning EARLIER.

Yeah, we’re aren't morning people either, but start testing the morning routine before you’re actually in the morning routine. Like the bedtime routine but in reverse, get up a little earlier, and get the kids up, too. Set out their clothes the night before as a gentle nudge that they can’t keep wearing the fairy wings or last year’s Ironman costume every day.

Make sure you get up and allow yourself at least 15 minutes to guzzle a cup of coffee and check Insta before jumping in the shower. Giving yourself some time in the morning will help get your head in the right place to tackle the day and kick its ass. Start putting to-do's in your calendar so you’re holding yourself accountable to getting things done.


Once you’re in it, and it’s happening…

5. Organization is KEY!

Yes, people are always talking about how AWESOME organization is because it saves time, and blahblahblah, and it’s super annoying. It’s not that we don’t believe them...it’s just that finding time to get organized is NOT easy. And yet, it is the one thing that will prevent meltdowns and tantrums the next morning.

So, get school essentials ready the night before. At the same time, get what you need ready. Get the kids to make their own lunches, if they can. Heck, have them make yours! (Psh yeah right. This might sound a little dangerous but at least it means tomorrow a Caramel Frappuccino and a handful of somebody else’s popcorn won’t count as “lunch.”)

6.  Go in baby steps, but start NOW!

If you’ve been working a side hustle that you let slip ‘n slide during the summer months for late-night smores and snuggles, start organizing your mind around the idea of getting back into a work routine. Set goals for each day leading up to that first day back to the real world, and remember, this is as much for you as for them (#Selflove).

So turn Fallon/Kimmel off after that first guest instead of watching through to the close, and get your mind ready for a few much-needed winks. 


You got this!

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