$ 5 Million

On Friday, March 1st 2019, Red Aspen hit $5 Million Dollars in Sales Revenue.


To our unbelievably amazing Brand Ambassadors, Treehouse team, and all those who have supported us through this journey - thank you.


It is because of your support and the amazing Red Aspen team that we were able to achieve this huge milestone after getting off the ground just 16 months ago. As a female-founded startup, seeing so much growth in under a year and a half has been humbling and incredibly inspiring. To put this achievement in perspective, we did a bit of research.

Here are some current #facts about the startup scene -


If women-founded companies are shown to outperform male-founded companies, why aren’t more businesses founded by women? What is standing in our way?

Business-family balance

We’re all after that work / life balance sweet spot, but it becomes even more sticky for women who are trying to include family in that balance. Many entrepreneurs don't start a business until they are in the their 30’s, which often the same time they are starting a family or have young children. Some brave women (hi Jesse and Amanda!) wear the hat of “Mompreneur” which comes with it’s own distinct and difficult challenges. Juggling duel responsibilities between work and family is exhausting! Additionally, while the gender pay gap is decreasing (awesome news!), studies actually show that the ‘motherhood wage penalty’ - or lower salaries and likelihood of being hired or receiving promotions because of your role as a mother - is increasing.


Red Aspen wants to give women the opportunity to #worktheirway. Whether that’s making Red Aspen their full-time gig or part-time side hustle, working from home with the kiddos, during their lunch break, on the weekend, or late night - we want to give women the flexibility to fit Red Aspen into their life. One of the things we are most proud of at Red Aspen is that our Brand Ambassadors don’t have to put their career and businesses on hold to raise a family. We believe in work life integration, and we aim to help women working inside and/or outside the home while simultaneously running their Red Aspen business!


Financial Capital

Studies show that Venture Capitalist are prone to invest money within their “tribe.” For example, a Harvard Business School graduate would prefer to invest in a Harvard alum's business due to that shared connection. Since only about 8% of partners in Venture Capital firms are women, this can make getting funding a bit difficult for our fellow female entrepreneurs. Because of this, women tend to start businesses with less money, often opting to self-fund their venture. This can be challenging, especially when taking into considering the wage gap between men and women. We are proud that Red Aspen is 100% self-funded, and broke even in the first 6 weeks of business without any Venture Capital funding.

We want our Brand Ambassadors to have the same opportunity to start a business with little upfront investment. The Red Aspen Business Kit is $80 and gives our Brand Ambassadors all the product, technology, and sampling tools they need to start a business. Red Aspen NEVER requires large upfront investments in products, marketing materials, or logistics in order to get started.


Role Models, Mentors, the Media, and the Message:

Why are role models so important? It’s all about “self-efficacy”, aka one’s belief that she has the skills and abilities to perform a given task Seeing someone who already did it and learning about how they did it, is one of the most powerful ways to increase self-efficacy. Narratives in literature, film, and even fairy tales show women waiting for her “prince charming” to save her, leading us to believe that a woman should not be her own hero.

Overcoming societal gender roles and expectations in the business world can be difficult. However, what some look at as a barrier, others see as a challenge.

Red Aspen accepts that challenge and encourages every woman reading this to be the heroine of her own story.


Creating space for everyone to thrive in business is a huge part of everything we do at Red Aspen. Our mission is to inspire women to stand up, stand out, and stand together by uniting passion with purpose. We are thrilled to be on this journey with such amazing people, and feel so thankful to all of you who share our passion for making the world a more empowered, passionate, courageous, curious, playful and fulfilled place.

Let’s keep it up.