The Andi Lash

Introducing the Andi Lash — a new, multi-layered, tapered silk lash featuring a flexible clear band. Ideal when you want a lighter makeup look, and perfect to display your natural charm, grace, and style — just like the woman it’s named after!

When we built the compensation plan for Red Aspen, there was only one person we had in mind who could help...

 that woman was Andi!

andi 1.jpg

When we say we sought out the best in the industry, we are not kidding! As a Compensation Plan Designer and Strategic Expert, Andi has 20+ years of experience in the direct selling industry. From being a distributor to expanding entire corporations, she’s done it all.

Jesse, Genie and Amanda mean it when they say they could not have created Red Aspen without Andi’s help.  Andi’s skillset, expertise, professionalism, willingness to help in any way, and above all KIND HEART was instrumental in helping create the perfect compensation plan for Red Aspen. We are so grateful for the strong female inspiration she brings to Red Aspen!

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As the Director of Strategy and Plan Design of Dan Jensen Consulting, Andi has personally designed more than 300+ compensation plans globally, from new start-ups to some of the largest industry giants. She is a sought after teacher and trainer of top executives and founders on compensation plan strategies, and it doesn’t stop there! She’s a public speaker and field trainer, and consults on operations, internal process flows, and staff development. (Phew! She’s seriously amazing and we love her.)

Andi’s favorite part of her job is collaborating with colleagues and helping design compensation plans that embody the elements special to each company.

But Andi is far more than a direct sales dynamo. She’s also a beloved wife and mom.

andi husband.jpg



Andi’s husband Jason (aside from making us swoon) sums up the magic that is Andi perfectly.

andi jason wedding.jpg
“From the first night we met, I knew Andi was special. She had something different about her — a light or an aura. Her beauty was obvious. Her laugh was genuine and contagious. But what reached out and really grabbed me was the gleam in her eyes that showed real courage and a willingness to dedicate herself toward something she truly believed in.
Twenty-two years later, she is more beautiful than ever. Her smile still melts me. The gleam in her eye is brighter than ever. Time has allowed me to see her even better. Professionally, her expertise is highly sought-after and globally respected, but she remains humble, introspective, and unaffected by her personal accomplishments. She is always trying to be better. Not in a better-than-you way, but with a true desire to constantly improve. Andi is filled with a generous and compassionate heart. Our children and I are constant recipients of her kindness and love, but she still surprises me with her ability to affect those around her for good.”


Andi’s daughter Nia, age 15, told us that her mom is her best friend.

“I couldn’t ask for a better mom. She is always there for me and willing to help. She is a very selfless person. She likes to help others and is very flexible when things don’t work out how they were planned. She always speaks kindly. She is a great example to me and to others. She shows me how to be a good person. She works really hard to help provide for our family and make our lives better.”

Justis, age 13, was sure to tell us that it would take a long time to cover everything that makes her mom Andi special!

“She is always looking at both sides of any situation, but she always sees the bright side! She puts others’ needs before her own and does all she can do to help! She has a great work ethic and gets the job done right, the first time. Plus, she’s a great cook!” (What time is dinner?)

We are THRILLED to present to you the Andi Lash, so named for the charming and graceful woman it’s named after (and not just one of our favorite people)


*We are currently in the process of cloning Jason. We’ll keep you informed of our progress.

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