Averie's Brow Pencil

In January, Red Aspen asked Brand Ambassadors to nominate an inspiring woman in their life that we could name a new product after — as you know, ALL Red Aspen products our named after an inspiring woman. We were so impressed by your thoughtful nominations! And we are humbled by the special little someone fighting incredible odds with such determination that we’ve named our new product after. We could only go with one...

We are happy to introduce the Averie Brow Pencil!

(As nominated by her equally determined mom, Valerie Torres.)


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What makes Averie so special? Pretty much everything! As mother Valerie describes it, 11-year-old Averie has overcome unbelievable odds from the very beginning.

“The one word that comes to my mind is strength. Averie is my first-born child, born Aug. 21, 2006. I remember like it was yesterday.”

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Valerie went to the hospital, set to give birth and return home with a healthy baby girl.

“Unfortunately, that was not the case. Averie had no heartbeat while I was in labor.”

Doctors immediately resuscitated Averie, placed her on a ventilator, and air-lifted her to Driscoll Children's Hospital in Corpus Christi, Texas. Over the next four months, she would fight for her life. Valerie vividly remembers when she was finally able to hold Averie. “She was attached to so many machines after a month of being intubated. I knew then that she would be my strength, and that she would face this world with so much resiliency.”

Averie, with a feeding machine and a nasal cannula, finally got to go home the day before Christmas. From that moment on, mom and daughter faced a new journey and have taken on the obstacles together.

“Averie was diagnosed with hypothyroidism and growth hormone deficiency at 2-years old. Since then, she receives subcutaneous injections five times a week to help her growth hormones. She has had over 20 surgeries, too many to count. She has a handful of doctors who have helped her become the strong, beautiful girl she is today. Two years ago, she was also diagnosed with an immune disorder called hypogammaglobulinemia. She receives subcutaneous IV therapy for an hour every two weeks,” Valerie explained.

Averie always stays strong and remembers how special she is.  “One would look at the way Averie faces this world with so much love and joy, and they would never imagine what she has endured and overcome in her 11 years. She is so optimistic. She gives her absolute all to everything she does. She has a heart of gold with so much creativity and love for fashion. She recently got hearing aids, and instead of complaining or whining, she was more interested in dazzling them up!” Valerie told us.

We’re dazzled by Averie! Her heart and strength in taking on the world make her a great role model to other girls going through similar challenges and health problems. “At this age, things can be complicated and hard to comprehend, but Averie has taken it all and faced it with great courage, determination, and above all, love,” said Valerie.

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Averie is definitely a very special little girl, and she’s being raised by a very special mama. Thank you for sharing your daughter’s story, Valerie!

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