Battle of The Lashes: Decades

As this year’s Battle of the Lashes launches, it’s time to think about what kind of #girlboss you want to be. Whether you’re groovy, glam, or grunge - you’ll love this year’s theme: decades!


Red Aspen’s very own company owners Jesse, Genie, and Amanda have each chosen a lash that they want to win this years Battle of the Lashes- but YOU get to decide which one which one will be added to our permanent collection!

Our Red Aspen women went the extra-mile decking themselves out head to toe, these ladies perfectly embodied the 70’s, 80’s, and 90’s by rocking their set of lashes- now you can too!


Get groovy with Amanda

You'll feel so groovy in these silk lashes. These lashes are short and sweet and add just the right amount of pizzazz so you can get down boogie.


Go full glam with Jesse

Like, totally, are you ready for these faux mink lashes? Yes? Then prepare for the most tubular lashes on the market. Your eyes are going to look totally radical!


Roll your Eyes with Genie

Small lashes? As if! If you're looking for the most bangin’ silk lashes around look no further! Boo-ya! If you don't like this lash you can talk to the hand.

As adorable as each of these lashes are, only one can come out on top- this is where we need you! Pick up the Battle of the Lashes: Decades box and try them all yourself; snap some selfies, try different looks, and decide which one you love the most. Once you’ve chosen your winner, let us know! Voting ends on July 31st at Midnight MST. Red Aspen will tally up the votes and announce the winning lash that will be added to our permanent lash line-up.

Try them all! Battle of the Lashes is $55 and comes with all three lashes.

Then, decide if you’re groovy, glam, or grunge, and vote below for your favorite!