The Bella Lash

Isabella: Travel Obsessed. 23 countries. 3 continents. And get this… she’s only 21! Why, do you ask, was the Bella Lash created?  Keep reading to find out!

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The Bella Lash... sweet, natural and adaptable to any situation,  and able to withstand long plane/train/car trips (and look fab doing it) - much like her namesake, Miss IsaBELLA Eck! Isabella was born in the secluded state of Idaho, but grew up constantly seeking adventure outside of her hometown. Growing up, she'd play geography games and memorize the world map. On weekends, she would watch Rick Steve’s Travel Channel show and dream of the day when she would be able to visit these foreign countries. 

At fourteen, IsaBELLA finally kick started her solo traveling career on a trip to Northern Spain (commonly referred to as the Basque Country) which, is actually Isabella’s lineage! She immersed herself in the language, the food, the land, the cities and, of course, the people and their unique cultures. This journey to Spain kicked off a desire to discover the world and wonders that it has to offer. #lashtagblessed


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College opened up a variety of doors for Isabella. A strong student and a religious saver, it allowed her the opportunity to continue her collegiate studies while traveling. She started first by studying abroad in Ghana, West Africa. Unlike trips previous, this experience came with a pretty big culture shock and the differences took her longer to get used to but she embraced all of it! From playing with the monkeys at a sanctuary to visiting a former slave castle on the coast, Isabella’s experience in this developing nation was one filled with adventure. It was also a very humbling journey as Isabella also had the opportunity to work at an orphanage for disabled and disadvantaged youth. While caring for the Ghanaian children, Isabella says, “They taught me a lot about myself and my country. They are all filled with such happiness and gratitude and they have so little. It made me reflect a lot on what is truly important in life.”  

Isabella left Africa for Italy to study abroad for the semester. ¡Ciao bella! In between her classes and love of pizza, she managed to check off twelve countries through staying with friends and couch surfing. Her favorite? “Ahhh, it’s too hard to decide. Each place had their own culture that I fell in love with. I couldn’t tell you.” Best food? “Hands down, Italy! I had a torrid love affair with gelato.” From the thermal pools in Budapest to the rolling hills of Lisbon, Europe did not disappoint.


Isabella's greatest takeaway from her adventures? "You can't control every situation. Being able to take everything in stride and adapt to your surroundings is key." 

From her travels abroad, Isabella returned with knowledge about not only other cultures, but about herself. Isabella states, “I’ve definitely become more confident. When you’re in sticky situations, you never want to let your guard down. Fake it till you make it.”  Returning with a strong  conviction of her future, Isabella knows she wants to work with a company that allows her the continuation of her travels. She also hopes to return to Africa one day to lend a helping hand . Watch out world, this girl is coming for you and your country!


Isabella's beauty advice: “Wear whatever makes you comfortable. Confidence comes from within, so if you’re comfortable, your self-confidence will shine through!”

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