Blue Skies Ahead, Bunny

Meet Bunny, the incredible and extremely strong woman behind our newest Nail Dash: Blue Skies Ahead, Bunny! Bunny is the grandmother of one of our Red Aspen Brand Ambassador’s, Rhianna, and we are thrilled to share her story with you!


Bunny grew up during the Great Depression working cotton fields (as she often told Rhianna when she was being a pesky teenager!) As an adult, Bunny exemplified courage and resilience, raising her three sons as a single mother. She worked multiple jobs to support them and did her best to give them her everything despite the grave economic and societal conditions of that time. She carried her quiet strength with her only to turn around and give her everything to Rhianna and extended her caring and giving nature to all of those around her!


Bunny has always been a rock for Rhianna. Rhianna says that Bunny provided stability & encouragement when her own parents were unable to do so. She actually lived with Bunny from 6th grade until she left for college!

Rhianna stated, “I never once questioned if I would have food or water or shelter because of her, which was not always the case with my mother or father. I never once questioned her love for me and I never once felt sad or alone with her. Bunny gave me the sense of security that no child should never be without. She guided me down a Christian path, and taught me right from wrong and good from evil. She showed me God’s love and His light.”


As she continued to grow, Bunny pushed her to work hard in school and focus on learning. Because of Bunny, Rhianna earned a full ride scholarship to college and went on to get her doctorate!

Because of example that Bunny set, Rhianna became an independent woman, confident in herself and in her own skin. She is able to give respect because Bunny taught her how to respect herself. Rhianna credits Bunny for her amazing husband and strong marriage because she was taught to have high standards and accept nothing less.

As a mother, Rhianna strives to match Bunny in every aspect and her influence has been such a blessing to her and her family. She strives to show her kids the love Bunny gave, and still continues to give to all those around her. Rhianna hopes to guide her children to be strong, confident men just as Bunny shaped her into the confident woman she is today. She yearns to give them the security and sense of well-being that her sweet and courageous nanny gave to her.


Bunny is a role model, she is Rhianna’s hero, and she inspires her and those around her everyday to be the best that they can be. Rhianna says, “I am everything I am because she gave me her all.”

We hope her story has inspired you as well to find and be the courageous, strong, and confident woman you are!

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