Clearly Claire

Some things in life are complicated, other decisions are clear as can be. As soon as we met Claire, we knew we absolutely HAD to name a product after her. Picking her to name the Clearly Clare lip gloss after was a total “no-brainer” considering that she is a chemist who worked with us to formulate the gloss! We went back and forth with Claire and her team, making small adjustments to get the formula just right. Thanks to her help, Clearly Claire is a phenomenal lip gloss that comes in both Shimmer and Shine.

Claire was with us from the first batch of product testing to the final round of lip gloss being produced. We couldn’t have made the amazing finished product of Clearly Claire without her amazing help and input.

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Claire graduated on the Dean’s List from University of Idaho with a degree in Chemistry in 2017 and now works for a cosmetic lab. This is how she ended up working on the development of Red Aspen’s lip gloss.

Chemistry is not a typically female dominated major or profession, but Claire always knew she had a passion for it and didn’t let anything discourage her from achieving her dreams. She founded the ASUI Chemistry Club and was elected as the club’s president. In addition, while going to school, she was a Research Assistant for the University of Idaho Chemistry Department. Claire’s passion for science, and specifically chemistry, is undeniable. She is the definition of a #BossBabe Scientist.

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When we told Claire that we were naming a product after her, she said this:
“I hope this product is something that can bring a little bit of joy into someone’s day, and help them to feel beautiful and confident. I’m fortunate to be surrounded by intelligent, caring, and hard-working women. My passion in life is to empower these women through cosmetic products!”

The Clearly Claire lip gloss is mean be worn on it’s own, as a topcoat over your favorite Molly Gets Matte liquid lipstick or Contour with Grace lip pencil, or combined with other pigmented products to achieve a glow. Claire lets you be yourself but adds a touch of shimmer or shine to brighten your look and your day!

To shop Clearly Claire today, reach out to your Brand Ambassador or check our shop page today!

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