Dawn's Brow Primer

We are thrilled to announce the release of our new product, Dawn’s brow primer Wax Pencil! This product is the crucial first step in the Red Aspen Brow System. This product is the foundation you need to create your best brow look.


As thrilled as we are about this product, we are even more excited to tell you about the amazing woman this product is named after. Read on.

Dawn McKinney is a friend to everyone she meets. She is a wife, a mother to 3 wonderful men and a grandmother to 2 ADORABLE boys named Jack and Spencer.


If you haven’t guessed it already, Dawn is also the mother in law to our CEO and co-founder, Jesse! Dawn is one of the most caring, selfless people you will meet. She’s the woman who drops everything to come help in a time of need. In fact, when Jesse wound up in the hospital during her pregnancy with her second son, Spencer, Dawn was at Jesse’s side the next day to help her and the whole family.

She never left Jesse’s side, taking care of Trevor and Jack, all while making sure Jesse followed Doctor’s orders and got to all her appointments. Dawn was an incredible source of moral support through the remainder of Jesse’s pregnancy. 



Dawn is adventurous and enjoys traveling in her free time. She is a truly a gem of all trades - there is nothing she can’t do! Dawn can sew curtains, paint houses, replant gardens, build furniture, fix leaky faucets, redo floors, and help pack eyelashes, all of which she’s done on multiple occasions.  If you need help, Dawn will be there without question. 

IMG_0760 (2018-09-01T01_56_05.168).JPG

Dawn leaves us in awe, not only with her lengthy list of talents and know-how, but also the extent to which she does everything.  Dawn never left Jesse’s side, staying until after Spencer was born. She is the woman you want on your side because the level of emotional, moral, and caring support she brings to every situation is one of a kind. Just like the sun when it dawns each morning bringing light to a new day, Dawn McKinney brings light everyone’s life around her. Her kindness and thoughtfulness make her an amazing friend to have and person to know.