Devra Dreams in Pastel Purple

We all love miracles, especially when they happen in times when we desperately need them. For Devra and her husband, a new baby was no EXCEPTION!

Before Devra and her husband got their miracle, the had to undergo trials and hurtles that would change everything. Trying eagerly to have a baby of their own, they had unfortunately experienced multiple miscarriages, as well as the pain of saying goodbye to their baby boy not long after he was born. These hardships didn’t break their spirits however, they were determined to do everything in their power to become parents. And that’s when the miracle began to work it’s magic.

After deciding that conceiving a child was not in their future, they turned to their next best option- adoption. After searching and hoping, they were met with unlucky fate and their chances were looking slim. That is, until the day they got a call from a close friend. The words instantly gave Devra and her husband the relief they had so longingly been after, “my niece is pregnant and wanting to give the baby up, are you interested?” Overjoyed and grateful, they agreed and awaited the birth of who would soon be their loving baby girl. The day their daughter was born, they made the adoption official and started their family.


“I say this with tears pouring down my face. She is my everything. She is my biggest supporter, my biggest fan and has taught me what all women should teach their babies,


-Lyndsay Betts

Devra’s daughter shares the feeling she remembers growing up with two grateful parents, “I grew up knowing I was adopted being told I was their gift. Not only was I an only child, I was this gift they had longed for. Can you imagine how spoiled with love I was?”. Her daughter recalls always feeling the love her parents had for her growing up. Though she tells stories of putting them through many tests and trials when she was a teenager, she was always confident that they would never give up on her. No matter what the situation, Devra made sure to always show the love and gratitude her and her husband felt for their miracle daughter.

To this day, Devra is her daughter’s biggest hero. Inspiring not only her, but many other women around her by uplifting them, coaching them, and empowering them, to be the best versions of themselves. Devra’s unending will to persevere and go against the odds is why Red Aspen is so grateful to know her. Cheers to you, Devra!