Emerald Suzy Lash

Just when we started to think there wasn’t a woman out there who can really do it all, we met Suzanne Quick. This strong woman proves to us that is possible to manage the stresses and excitement of a busy life, a demanding job that takes her around the world, a battle with breast cancer, and the time to selflessly care for those around her. But don’t let the tremendous schedule fool you, Suzy always ensures self care is a top priority on her list- and we think she deserves every bit of it.


Balancing family, education, travel, work, cancer, and the pressing engagements of life itself, Suzy has found a way to maintain a positive, healthy, and inspired lifestyle.

Work quickly became a large part of Suzy’s life when she started her job as an Executive Assistant to a private sector company located in Afghanistan during an unfavorable time. This meant Suzy was away from friends, family, and familiarity for tremendous amounts of time. After late shifts on the job, Suzy didn’t let the hard work stop there. Not only was she wildly busy with her job, but Suzy was simultaneously completing a Masters Degree. This demanding lifestyle meant Suzy was only able to return home around two to three times a year. Rather than taking these breaks to relax and recover, she optimized her limited time at home by scheduling appointments from landscaping and pet grooming to spa treatments and hair cuts; Suzy made sure that every aspect of her home life was taken care of.

“Suzanne would remind me that while she is over in this seemingly dreary environment and she could probably get away with “hat and no makeup” look. but for Suzy, that look didn’t evoke the confidence within her that she absolutely needed to ignite in order to get all the things done she wanted to during her time there”

As if Suzy didn’t have enough on her plate with work, education, and family, she was diagnosed with breast cancer and had to undergo both chemotherapy and radiation treatments. Unable to keep all areas of her beauty routine due to the effects of her cancer, Suzy still managed to persevere through her situation. Her undefeated attitude remains the foundation for how Suzy consistently manages to inspire anyone she meets.


“She chooses to stand out with beauty from the inside out and THAT allows her to stand up and keep standing up even when the circumstances leave little room for it.”