The Ericka Lash

Meet Ericka, the inspiration for our Ericka Lash! She’s fun. She’s fab. And she has a story to tell. Find out why this stylish gal inspired our newest falsie.

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Growing up as a military brat, Ericka moved around the country from Alabama to Colorado (she may or may not have a slight southern belle accent), before settling in Idaho for high school and attending college at Boise State University (Go Broncos!).

Ericka came onto our radar when she worked for none other than Jesse McKinney, one of the founders of Red Aspen, as her kiddos nanny! Eventually, Ericka started a corporate 9 to 5 job, where there was room to move up the management chain. Hungry for excitement and in need of a change, Ericka made the bold decision to move to South Korea and Taiwan. She packed up her belongings into three boxes and off she went! It’s safe to say she was a little scared. Who wouldn’t be! Ericka commented, “It was the scariest thing I’ve ever done; I bawled on the whole flight over.” You go girl; we’ve all been there!

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While in Asia, Ericka spent her time teaching English to Chinese and South Korean children.  With the language barrier being a major deterrent to both her mission as a teacher and every day communication in this foreign land, Ericka decided to be proactive and learned to speak Mandarin Chinese, of which she is now fairly fluent. Ericka came out this experience a stronger and more confident woman. Ericka says, “Fear is just an emotion; risks are meant to be taken; times when we’re uncomfortable are times when we learn the most.” Ericka’s experience abroad was both humbling and helped prepare her for similar challenges in the future.

Ericka returned to the United States with a new fire in her soul. Okay, can you say Mamma Mia?! This time, she aspired for something more in her job. After reconnecting with Jesse and hearing the mission, vision and long term goals of Red Aspen, Ericka’s interest was peaked. After several discussions with both Jesse and the team, Ericka was offered a position at Red Aspen . As Ericka exclaims, “I said to myself, take a chance!" And just like that, Ericka’s life became an ABBA soundtrack.

Although she hasn’t been with Red Aspen long, Ericka’s contribution to Red Aspen has been immense. She provides a new millennial perspective to make sure our products are as fab as possible. As a makeup lover, Ericka is passionate about the products, the all-female powered team and the long term mission that Red Aspen looks to achieve. “I look up to the women at Red Aspen. The team is so empowering and truly want to provide a foundation for women of all backgrounds. There are several women here that I would aspire to be. You cannot put a price on knowledge and doing what you’re passionate about.” We KNOW she’s passionate about makeup. While wearing her signature Ericka Lash, she’ll swipe her fav lipstick to complete the look.


Ericka’s beauty advice for whenever you’re having a bad day: “Put on some lipstick and pull yourself together” -Elizabeth Taylor

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“Don’t ever settle. It doesn’t have to be the way people say it has to be. You can create your own path.” -Ericka