Evelyn's Blush and Crush

Just as Evelyn’s Blush and Crush Crème-to-Powder Blush melts onto your cheeks and gives you a gorgeous glow, the woman it’s named after did the same thing! Evelyn melted hearts with her kindness, positivity and determination.


Evelyn overcame more battles than she ever deserved to fight - she had breast cancer, got a mastectomy, and survived. Later, she lost her only daughter to cancer. Evelyn was nominated by Chelsi Cody, a Red Aspen Brand Ambassador. Shortly after losing her biological daughter, Evelyn took in Chelsi and treated her like one of her own children. She taught Chelsi many important life lessons, including the following:

  • The importance of feeding my body good things.

  • How to do laundry.

  • How to keep a calendar.

  • The importance of staying active.

  • The love of books.

  • She taught Chelsi her love of Ellen DeGeneres! "Be kind to one another"

  • She taught Chelsi to find strength buried deep within herself.

  • Most importantly, she taught Chelsi the meaning of UNCONDITIONAL LOVE and what it means to truly love.


Evelyn had the kindest heart. Even as her body aged, she helped people run errands, tend their yards/gardens and keep the neighborhood clean. She taught self-acceptance by loving those around her so deeply, they found love for themselves. Evelyn was such a beautiful soul, having the opportunity to know and be close to her was one of the most meaningful parts of Chelsi’s life.


To this day, Chelsi hasn’t met a more selfless individual, a more loving individual with a servant’s heart. Evelyn is who inspired Chelsi to become a firefighter and EMT. Evelyn shared so much love and taught people the importance of being a caring individual by loving everyone at their best and their worst. Evelyn believed that love isn’t based on terms or conditions, it is based on the principal that we are humans and we make mistakes, but we are worthy of love, and that women can do anything they put their mind to.


As women, this is how we need to SUPPORT other women. We should love and care for those around us and the women we know UNCONDITIONALLY. Evelyn taught those in her life to suspend judgement, love unconditionally and uplift those around you.


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