Girls Weekend 2019


Red Aspen Girls Weekend 2019 in Salt Lake City

September 20 - 21, Red Aspen hosted our first ever Girls Weekend in the heart of Salt Lake City, Utah! For those of you who could join us and party it up in the SLC, we hope you enjoyed the training, socializing and sneak speaks into what’s to come for Red Aspen through the rest of this year!

For those of you who couldn’t attend, don’t fret. We’ve put together a recap of what happened to make sure you stay in the loop. The weekend was broken down into two days made up of 4 sessions:


Session 1: Courageous + Sales

Session 2: Curious + Sponsoring

         90s Party

Session 3: Fulfilled + Master Class

Session 4: Playful + Awards Ceremony

 Session 1: Courageous

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Girls weekend kicked off with a keynote from CEO Jesse McKinney.  Jesse spoke about the power of being courageous in your pursuits, both in your business and personal life. She recounting stories from Eleanor Roosevelt and her life as a social activist and first lady. Eleanor’s life was far from easy but despite all of the hardships, she prevailed and became an amazing example of female leadership by actively participating in the woman’s suffrage movement, serving on the board of the NAACP, volunteering to help troops abroad, transforming the role of first lady to be a platform for social activism, earning 35 honorary degrees in recognition of her work and much more. She even earned her pilots license and flew with Amelia Earhart! Below are Jesse’s favorite Eleanor Roosevelt quotes:

“Small minds discuss people. Average minds discuss events. Great minds discuss ideas.”

“A woman is like a tea bag- you can’t tell how strong she is until you put her in hot water.”


Following Jesse’s Keynote, she announced changes to the Color Story for next year!

We are embarking on a journey across the United States for Color Story 2020. Each city in this country is filled with rich stories and meaning, just like each of the women in our company. We’ve packed our bags for what is sure to be our most exciting adventure yet and we are so excited for you to join us! It was announced that our story will kick off in Red Aspen’s hometown of Boise, Idaho.

Stay tuned for more info on Color Story 2020 as it gets a little closer.

To conclude Session 1: Courageous, we invited 5 of our amazing Brand Ambassadors to dig deep and use their inner courage to hop up on stage and speak about their businesses. Download graphic from each presentation here.

map of the US.png

Megan Bond - A Day in the Life of a Social Seller

Megan spoke about the value that comes from chunking your day and breaking it down into bite sized pieces to ensure you get everything done. To keep her social media posts authentic and engaging, she uses her Rule of F’s - if pictures fall into one of her F categories, she posts it! F’s = Food, Family, Friends, Fitness, Fur babies, Face, Fashion, Fix it’s.

Carlie Wood – Discovering Your Audience

With over 600k followers on Instagram alone, Carlie spoke about how to discover and grow your audience base using authenticity. “Don’t post to sell, post what you love.” People will reach out asking “where do you get your nails from?” wanting to know more. Your business will grow organically and authentically.

Tara Geltel – Outstanding Customer Service

Tara is woman who knows a thing or two about customer relationship development. In her segment, she introduced us to the 2-2-2 method! After a customer buys from you, follow up in 2 days, checking to make sure they received their order. Follow up again 2 weeks later, checking that they liked the product. Follow up 2 months after that, it might be time for a re-order! Or they might want to try something new. Or maybe they’re interested in joining!

Brittany Anderson – Vendor Shows: How to Find, Prepare & Use Them to Build Your Business

Brittany knows a thing or two about hosting an amazing vendor booth that leads to serious sales. She talked about the importance of having booths that are inviting, eye-catching, include things to touch, and most importantly, is engaging. One of her favorite tips is to demo products yourself! Only put on one lash and use the before / after as a conversation starter.

Cassie Hackett – PSL (Not Just a Starbucks Drink)

Cassie spoke on the importance of understanding each customers Personality, Style & Life (PSL). This will help you better suggest products that are a fit for them. This will help you develop a personal connection with them. Customer loyalty is will be off the charts if customers feel they can trust you as a personal style consultant.

Session 2: Curious

Amanda Moore, COO of Red Aspen, highlighting the value of being curious, talking about the importance of taking a leap towards a dream or investigating something you feel curious about pursuing. It was her own spark of curiosity and adventure that ignited the beginning of Red Aspen. Every time an idea presents itself and you find the voice in your head saying “why  would I want to do that?” replace that question with “Why not?” and jump in with both feet.

Next, Amanda announced the upcoming Affiliate Program, which is expected to launch by the end of 2019. At the conclusions of this Session 2, we announced the recipient of our Curious Core Value Award 2019, Tara Geltel. Later that evening, everyone partied it up at the 90’s themed Dance Party! The 90’s theme celebrated the winner of our Battle of the Lashes: Decades Edition in July of 2019, where the 90s Lash was voted most popular and will be renamed and added to our permanent lash lineup.

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Session 3: Fulfilled

This session kicked off with some inspirational thoughts from CSO Genie Reese, who heads up Product Development within Red Aspen. Genie spoke about how falling in love with a business idea is fun and exciting at the start, but you need gritty determination to continuing finding fulfillment and giving your 100% in every single day you come to work.

Grit is:

-        Having passion and perseverance for your long-term goals.

-        Interpreting failure as a cue to try harder.

-        Recognizing talent is important, but effort and consistently showing up count more.

-        The choice to keep going and double down – even when it’s hard.

After discussing some early on struggles and successes during the first few months of starting Red Aspen. Genie asked Brand Ambassadors what fulfillment means to them and went into exciting product release news:

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The Fulfilled Luxury Artistry Palette, will be launching in October. This Palette includes 15 highly pigmented powders in a variety of velvety mattes, rich metallics, stunning shimmers and inventive pressed glitters. The warm, neutral tones were inspired by the beauty of every woman’s skin, and includes shades of cream, peach, mauve, copper, chocolate & caramel complimented by rose and white golds. Each color in the palette was named by words that meant fulfilled to the Brand Ambassadors of Red Aspen.

Following this news, Red Aspen’s Beauty Expert Jenna Brown taught a 3-hour Master Class that focused on a variety of Red Aspen products, including the newly announced Fulfilled Artistry Palette. Each woman in attendance was given 3 of the eye shadow pans that will be in Fulfilled when the palette is released.

The entire event culminated in a formal awards night celebration where top earners were honored for their achievements in their business and leadership. These amazing women worked so hard over the past year, it was our honor to recognize their efforts. In addition to top earners and leaders, we awarded our annual Value Awards. These awards are named after each of our core values – Curious, Playful, Curious and Fulfilled.

Curious: Tara Geltel | Fulfilled: Cassie Hackett | Playful: Natalie Eichert | Courageous: Katie Stanfield

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To browse more photos from the event, please visit our Girls Weekend 2019 Treehouse Page here.

The opportunity to meet and catch up with all the women in attendance was humbling, fulfilling and so much fun. And get this - the Monday following Girls Weekend, we recorded our largest day of sales revenue in the history of the company.

We look forward to another record breaking experience next year and we hope to see you there!