Glow on, Kara!

A few weeks ago, Red Aspen released our first Liquid Highlighter, Kara Gets Glowing. This product is named after a woman who glows bright on the inside and out. Kara was nominated by our beauty experts, Lindsey and Camille of Behren’s Artistry. About Kara, they said this: “Kara is a fighter and survivor. She’s one of the strongest people we know! She shines in every part of her life.”

Camille and Lindsey sat down with Kara, watch below to learn a little bit more about her story.


Kara devotion and determination in life make her one of the most inspirational people to be around. Today, Kara is married to her amazing husband and is the mommy to 4 babies.

Kara is the woman who holds everything together behind the scene with grace and ease. She is organized, consistent, supportive and her confidence and devotion to the people around her makes her the type of person who has an extremely positive impact in all those around her. The amazing strength and purpose she carries with her through life allow her to the focus on the positive parts of every situation she faces.

Kara’s continued to devotion to see the best in life is part of what makes her the perfect name inspiration behind our liquid highlighter, Kara Gets Glowing.

Kara Component and Carton (1)-2.png