How to Make Your Peepers POP!

Lookin’ to make those gorgeous eyes of yours POP even more? Whether you stayed up too late memorizing every word of Cardi B’s “I Like It” or you just want your eyes to appear bigger, we want to help. Read on for ways you can really make those eyes of yours SHINE!


You gotta start with a smooth base. If you’re just not getting the sleep you need, or you ate too much tapenade at happy hour, your eyes may suffer and look like a puffy, down coat. You don’t want to resemble the Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man, so try calming that inflammation before you put a stitch of makeup on. Lay back for 5-10 minutes with a gel ice pack on your eyes or give used tea bags a try (the tannins help). If you’ve got crow’s feet (because you spend a lot of time laughing!), use a little primer to help fill in the lines.


Keep your brows on fleek.

Beautifully groomed brows will frame your face and bring out your eyes. Plucking will always be a plus (Don’t over pluck!), but Red Aspen just happens to have an amazing brow system that will change everything. With Averie’s Brow Pencil and Lacey’s Browlight Duo Pencil, you can accentuate and lift your brows to give your whole face a rested and more youthful look.

Brows 1.jpg

Conceal it.

Try a little dab of concealer on the inner and outer corners of your eyes.These areas can sometimes appear darker, so adding a little light with concealer will help de-emphasize that by bringing your eyes forward.

Lose the dark circles.

Keep a concealer that’s a shade or two lighter than you usually wear so that you can use it to cover up under-eye circles. Dab it on, set it with some powder, and let it sit for 3-5 minutes before putting any makeup on over it.

Define your crease.

Add dimension by defining the crease of your eyelid (the area where the bone meets your eyeball) before applying your eyeshadow. Pick a color a shade darker than the color(s) you’re using on your lid. Start with a heavier hand at the outer corners and fade it as you work your way in. Dark lids will make your eyes look smaller, so start with a light hand and work up to the look you want. This works even if you’re not wearing eyeshadow; just pick a light brown shade which will still add the dimension you’re looking for.

Add some color.

Try mixing it up with liners in navy, green, bronze, or basically any other color you can think of. Or switch up your eyeshadow with silver or pink hues. Lavender is also gorgeous and pretty much looks good on everyone. Lean toward colors with a bit of shimmer as they’ll reflect light helping those eyes appear larger.


Get some LIFT!

False lashes make ALL the difference here. It’s like putting a frame around the window to your soul! Find the right Red Aspen lash for you, and prepare to throw open those windows—or at least the blinds.

Show your lower lash some love.

Don’t forget to add mascara to your lower lashes to help open up your eyes. If it seems like a lot with your faux lashes, switch to a brown mascara to soften the look a bit.

Just wing it.

Creating even a tiny bit of wing on the outer corners will help make eyes appear larger.

Copy of AshaSocialImages_5.jpg

Go for nude.

Brightening your eye’s waterline with a nude liner is one of the easiest tricks in the beauty handbook. What’s a waterline? It’s the tiny area where your eyelids meet at the inner eye toward your nose. Nudes come in a variety of colors, so go for pink if you have fair skin or a rosy complexion, and go for golden hues if you’re more olive complected.


You’ve been highlighting those cheekbones for years, but have you been using it on the brow bone? Pick a pearly color and try it! It’ll lift your brow and make you look like you’re glowing from the inside—and who doesn’t want that? Did we mention we have the perfect product for that? It’s Kara Gets Glowing, and we guarantee it’ll (nearly) blind your friends.