Jenna's Faded Pink

You may have seen her perfecting looks on clients, in a photo-shoot rocking her natural talent in front of the camera, or going live for Red Aspen to give helpful tips and tricks about all things beauty. Our very own beauty expert, Jenna, inspired the gorgeous french ombre Nail Dashes you know and love. The more time we spend working with Jenna, we learn new things to love about her, but now it’s your turn!


We asked Jenna a few questions about what being a beauty expert means to her, how she has overcome insecurities, and what advice she has to anyone interested in making their dreams a reality.


“I had always been drawn to the fashion industry and knew I wanted to do something creative. Through assisting I was on set of a lot of photo shoots. On one of the shoots, we were unable to find a makeup artist, so I volunteered to do makeup and after the images came back, I had never been more proud of my work. I had always loved playing with makeup and using my friends and family as a canvas but I always just considered it a hobby. After that photo shoot I made the decision to pursue being a makeup artist full time.”


“Social anxiety has been a major struggle for me in the past. That was one of the biggest struggles I had when I first started freelancing. I didn’t want to just be another makeup artist who did pretty makeup. I made it a goal to take time with each client to make a personal connection. Pushing myself to do this has made me feel more empowered in social settings and I feel I’m able to pass that strength to people around me as well.”

Q: What do you enjoy most about working in beauty?

“The most fulfilling part of being a makeup artist is highlighting each of my client’s unique features. I love being in the position to show someone what’s beautiful in them, even when they don’t see it in themselves. It’s so interesting to me when I photograph my before & afters to visually see their body language change and watch them leave our time together with more confidence.”


“One of my goals I have for myself this year is to create a presence on social media. I’m probably my toughest critic and have a hard time sharing my work on my page because I have the blessing and curse of being a perfectionist. I want to continue to connect with more people and hope to build a platform where I can continue to meet people and share the knowledge of beauty and makeup while encouraging them to be confident in their own skin.”

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“What I love about my job is that no two days are the same. Some of my days are spent going from client to client, living off iced coffees. Others are spent doing research on creative concepts, product formulas, and new makeup techniques.”


Q:What was a SIGNIFICANT time or event in your life that changed you?

“The last year and a half has had a huge impact on me. In thirteen months I moved three times. Throughout my life I’ve repeatedly been told by my closest friends and family how strong I am but I’ve never believed that about myself. In the past when I’ve gone through major life changes, I would always fall back into my comfort zone rather than embracing the new beginning and enjoying the journey. In the last year and a half I’ve pushed myself more than ever to come out of my shell and let go of holding myself back. Through that, I’ve been able to see and feel the strength within me that I never knew I had.”

q: What advice do you have for those who want to get involved in a beauty career?

“One of the things I love about makeup is that there is no rule book. Two artists can create a similar look by using completely different techniques. As a makeup artist I think it’s important to never stop challenging yourself to try and learn new techniques as well as finding different ways to push yourself into creativity.”


“I don’t know that I discovered my talent in makeup myself. My sister was definitely my number 1 cheerleader when I expressed to my family I wanted to pursue makeup artistry as a career. She really encouraged me to feel empowered and took the time to show me my talents before I saw them within myself. I still send her photos after all of my projects and she always tells me I’m the best makeup artist in the world.”


“I feel most beautiful when I’m recognized for my inner beauty, rather than what’s on the outside. I love making others feel embraced, appreciated, and giving people a good laugh. When I hear people feel those things as a result of time we’ve spent together, it makes me feel like I’m spreading more beauty into the world.”

Jenna’s career in beauty has only just begun, yet she has already proved her ability to successfully overcome obstacles to go after what she wants and get it! As hard-working and talented as she is now, the future for her career in beauty is almost unimaginable! We are so grateful to work alongside a strong, charismatic, and creative woman. Her effortless ability to tackle anything that comes her way leaves us in awe on the daily.

Jenna, Red aspen is grateful to call you our beauty expert. you truly show what it means to stand up, stand out, and stand together by uniting passion with purpose!