Joy Lash

This Holiday season, we have a lot to be joyful about, including the amazing woman behind our Joy Lash!

Miss Joy Christmas.jpg


Many of you may recognize Joy Waggoner Bowman, the Operations Lead at Red Aspen! She’s been with Red Aspen basically since the start of the company. She is the woman making sure all you lovely ladies get the products you order as quickly as you do! Here at the Treehouse, we affectionately call her Miss Joy because of the warmth and brightness she brings with her every day. The Treehouse is consistently filled with love and happiness thanks to the the presence of this woman. Miss Joy is as adorable as she is kind - we truly can’t decide if she is more beautiful on the inside or outside.


Table setup.JPG
Miss jOy and Isabella.jpg
Full Family Photo.jpg

A lot of people have great work ethic, but then there is Miss Joy level work ethic. No challenge is too big for this woman, no road block can stand in her way. If she comes into the office to see hundreds of orders to be shipped out, she calmly gets to work and starts tackling the situation until it’s complete. If you want to talk about empowering, inspirational ladies in life, you should talk about Miss Joy. Not only is she always supporting us here at the Treehouse, but she is raising three amazing children, Isabelle, Isaiah, and Sophie.

Joy and hubby pic.JPG

 Earlier this year, Miss Joy celebrated her 25 year wedding anniversary with her Husband, Jonathon. 25 years!! We know what you’re thinking and yes, Miss Joy barely looks a day over 35. She got married when she was really really really young 😉

  Although we can’t all have the honor of working with Miss Joy, we can all give the gift of joy to ourselves and our loved ones this holiday season. ❤

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