Kristin Won the Orchid Crown

Meet Kristin, the compassionate and spirited woman behind our Kristen Won the Orchid Crown Nail Dash!

Kristen Won the Orchid Crown Product Social Image.jpg

Kristin is a Certified Pediatric Medical Assistant, a job that is not for the faint of heart. Her caring nature and smile help her treat and nurture infants, children, and adolescents. She does her work with pride and passion, while inspiring and motivating others on a daily basis. Kristen truly brings out the best in everyone around her!

Determination and perseverance shine through in Kristen’s work as she spends her professional time and energy helping others, guiding them through difficult battles to find peace. Kristen builds individuals as well as families back up for success and greater fulfillment after long and hard health battles.

We are so inspired by Kristin and the work that she does every day, she gives her whole heart to the children that she serves and brightens every room with her smiles. She never fails lift up the mood of those around her, sharing and encouraging smiles in even the toughest of situations. She has a true gift and excels in a position that most people would find extremely difficult. Most of you know that Red Aspen names our products after women we find inspirational and uplifting, (and if you didn’t know that, now you do!) and Kristin’s story was sent in to us by her little sister, Aryn, who is inspired by Kristin every day and beyond proud to call her family.


Kristen Caught the Orchid Crown is a vibrant pink shade that is beautiful, bright, and full of life, just like the passionate and hardworking woman it represents.

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