Lacey's Browlight Duo Pencil

Introducing Lacey’s Browlighter Duo Pencil! With a matte side to hide stray brow hairs and create definition, and a shimmer side to accentuate your perfectly coiffed brows, this browlighter is a multidimensional FIGHTER — just like the the woman its named after!

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A short while ago, Brand Ambassador Kayti Lopez wrote to Red Aspen to nominate her friend Lacey to name a new product after. Red Aspen is inspired by strong, fearless women. Kayti recognizes how special Lacey is, and we couldn’t agree more.

Kayti said, “I met Lacey just over four years ago at work. We became fast friends! Lacey is a young — under 30! — wife and mom of two beautiful kids. Last year she was diagnosed with colon cancer. She is always so happy and positive. You would never know she is in the fight of her life because she looks amazing and never complains.”

Last December, Lacey got the shock of her life when doctors unexpectedly found a tumor when she went in for an unrelated surgery. That tumor turned out to be stage 4 colon cancer. The military had already put Lacey into some very stressful situations. Instead of giving into fear, Lacey asked, “How are we going to kick this cancer’s booty?

Kayti said, “She still comes to work and is such an amazing inspirational woman to so many of us! In fact, she’s our superhero!


Lacey is definitely a fighter. She spent six years in the Air Force, including a deployment to Iraq; She’s birthed two incredible children, and she’s a rockstar mom; she’s faced cancer and been through chemotherapy; she’s been in some of the most stressful situations anyone can imagine, and she has done so with grace and kindness and persistence.

Lacey said, “I have two small children and a husband that need me around—I plan to fight for many years and be here to watch my kids grow up!”

Lacey is inspiring, strong, and fearless.

And that’s why it’s Red Aspen’s honor to honor Lacey by naming the new Browlighter Duo Pencil after her.

Never give up, Lacey.


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