Lash Care 101


Pull up a chair! Lash Care 101 is in session and today we're talking about how to  help your lashes live their best lash life. With proper care, Red Aspen lashes can last a long time!

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Opening & Applying the Lashes

When opening your Red Aspen lashes for the first time, be gentle when pulling the band off the tray. You don’t want to damage your lashes!

Before applying them, make sure you bend the lash band to make it more flexible – hold each end of one lash and gently bend and wiggle the band to loosen it up. This will help it form to your lash line better!

Remember that  the drier the glue, the better it will stick to your lash line. So, apply the adhesive to the lash, wait for it to dry a few seconds, THEN apply it to your eyelids. After applying, use the lash applicator to bind false eyelashes and real eyelashes! This will help your eyes pop even more.

Mascara tip - you can wear your lashes alone, or with mascara! We recommend using the mascara on your real lashes BEFORE applying false lashes to extend the life of your falsies. 



Time to Take Them Off? We Got You!

When removing, it's important to remember to be gentle with those beautiful lashes! Don't rip them off, you might damage your false and real lashes! Nobody wants that. The best way to remove false eyelashes is by dipping a Q-tip in makeup remover, then applying it to your lash line while twirling the Q-Tip to loosen and release the false eyelash from your eyelid. Then, softly grab one end of the lash and slowly pull it away from your eyelid. Voila! 



Clean your lashes

After taking the lashes off, use oil free makeup remover, warm water, or oil free makeup removal wipes to clean the old adhesive off the used lashes. Return them to your lash package or lash book. This will help keep your lashes clean and save you time when applying! This will also help remove any eyeliner and mascara that gets on the lash after wearing them. 

Pro-tip: DON’T SOAK THE LASHES! Although it’s tempting, soaking the lashes in makeup remover, water, or anything else could cause them to fall apart.



Get a few extra winks – take your lashes off before bed!

They say you shouldn’t sleep in makeup to give your skin a break and let it breathe, same is true for lashes! Beautiful as they are, you should take them off before bed to give your real lashes a chance to rest. Plus, chances are, you’ll get more beauty sleep without the lashes, and we all could use a few extra winks 😉