Lip Contouring 101

We’ve all heard of face contouring, but lip contouring?

Yes, honey, oh yes! This magical process is about to alter your life and make your lips plump, luscious and voluminous in 5 easy steps.   Lip Contouring is the newest thing in the beauty world and it is sky rocketing in popularity. Adding a little bit of contour technique to your lips really makes ALL the difference in both plumpness and shape. So, pucker up! Because we are about to teach you how to tout some serious lip pout.

 Okay, so, what even is lip contouring?

Lip contouring is where you mix and layer different colored lip products (pencils, lipsticks, glosses, etc) and apply them in steps to make lips look fuller and plumper. Tons of celebs do this right now – it’s part of how everyone in Hollywood suddenly looked like they got lip injections overnight. Many of them did get lip injections, but lots of others are just using a seriously good makeup artist who can SLAY a lip contour.

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How do I contour my lips?

Step 1: Make sure to get all oil and product off your lips to begin. We want a clean slate for this masterpiece you’re about to create!

Step 2: Line the outside of your lips with a dark lip pencil, then draw a few vertical lines all the way down both of your lips.

Step 3: Fill the inside of your lips with a lighter lip pencil. When doing this, your’re lightly filling over the vertical lines that is draw down the middle of your lips.

Step 4: Smack your lips together, LIGHTLY, to help the contour melt into place a little bit. You can also blot away any extra color or touch up your foundation if needed.

Step 5: Optional - apply your favorite top coat or clear gloss for a shinny finish!


Watch our video from Makeup Experts, Behran’s Artistry, as you contour!


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