Liza Loves a Latte

You might be familiar with the saying, “Life is 10% of what happens to us, and 90% of how we deal with it.” At the Treehouse, we believe looking at life through this mindset is everything.

Let us introduce you to Liza Marie, a woman that exudes unrelenting positivity, motivation, and a perspective on life that is unbeatable!

Liza Marie is the youngest daughter of  2 parents who were both teachers for the Los Angeles School District. Liza had always been a natural beauty and dedicated to everything that she did. She trained as a ballerina for years. Then, at a young age, she became a mother. Luckily, she had a very supportive family who helped her raise her son while she finished her undergraduate program at California State University, Los Angeles. However, life wasn’t giving her many breaks. Liza Marie’s son was diagnosed with epilepsy and severe intellectual disabilities. Shortly after this, Liza Marie’s presumed biological father passed away. Liza had always looked up to her father, but not long after his passing, Liza was shocked to discover that she had been adopted from an Afghani family. Reeling from the shock of losing the man she knew as her father, Liza grappled with the realization that much what she was told growing up had not been true. Much of her childhood felt as if it was a lie - on top of it all, Liza was shocked to learn that her biological roots were Afghani.

If this story isn’t crazy enough already, it took an even more shocking turn when Liza learned that her whole family, including extended family, knew she had been adopted all along. We can’t even image dealing with the shock of all this information!

Due in part to her amazing strength, Liza continued to push forward. Most of her son's life, Liza raised him as a single mother. At the same time, she managed to finish her Master's program and then enrolled in a Doctorate program. Liza is now a Doctor of Marriage and Family Therapy. Her son, due to her diligence, commitment, and advocacy, continues to to thrive. She now is the Director of an adoption agency and on top of that, she has also reconnected her with her first love, her boyfriend from middle school. They are happily married and have a baby girl, Grace Marie.


Liza is the epitome of strength, resilience and courage. She is an advocate of women, she is an ally for families of children with disabilities, and we are so excited that she is the woman behind our Liza Loves a Latte Nail Dash! Sometimes in life, we can’t control the path we are placed on. In moments of struggle, it helps to take a deep breath, order a strong latte, and get to work. Be confident, be strong, and know that you can handle anything life throws your way, just like Liza.

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