Mandy's Starry Night

You’ve been loving Mandy’s Starry Night Nail Dashes. Now, it’s time to be introduced to Mandy herself and fall in love with her too. More beautiful than the dashes themselves, Mandy’s story is a great example of how Red Aspen strives to empower women to stand together and uplift one another.


First, let’s meet Mandy. Here is Mandy’s story that not only inspired Mandy’s Starry Night, but all the women here at Red Aspen.

In 2016 Mandy was celebrating her 40th birthday in the company of a beautiful family-owned ranch in North Dakota, her two young daughters, a loving husband of thirteen years. However, not long after cerebrating this milestone, Mandy learned that what she thought was only back pain, had transitioned into a cancer known as Synovial Sarcoma. Through extensive treatments on multiple parts of her body, eight rounds of chemotherapy, and twenty-five radiation treatments, part of Mandy’s cancer was finally removed. Still fighting her battle until she becomes cancer-free, Mandy manages to continuously find ways to maintain a positive mentality.

How Mandy met Red Aspen gives us confidence that our mission for women to “Stand Up, Stand Out, and Stand Together”, is reaching women everywhere.

In early November of 2018, Mandy visited a local vendor show where one of our Red Aspen Brand Ambassadors, Marissa, was hosting a booth full of our wonderful products. When Mandy came to the Red Aspen booth, she was intrigued by the variety of products, but was worried she wouldn’t be able to explore what Red Aspen had to offer. The lashes in particular caught her attention. After undergoing multiple chemo treatments, Mandy lost most of her natural eyelashes. She thought that because of this, wearing false lashes wouldn’t be a possibility for her.

Marissa ensured her this would be no problem at all. Mandy took a seat, tried on a pair of Red Aspen lashes, and felt instantly transformed. Not only did the lashes help her to feel like herself again, but she was able to apply them on her own on the first try, making it an obvious choice to pick up a few pairs to wear later on and enjoy. A crowd of people had stopped around the booth to see what was happening, Mandy’s excitement was effecting everyone near her. Mandy was overjoyed by finding a new way to feel like herself again. Her daughters noticed a tear streaming down her cheek after seeing herself in the lashes.

Later on, Mandy reached out to Marissa to say how thankful she was to have found these lashes as she had missed not having eyelashes more than she had missed not having her hair. Thanks to the help of our Brand Ambassador, adorable Red Aspen lashes, and Mandy’s courage to try something new, we go to hear a great story that inspired Mandy’s Starry Night.

“I don’t want to say that I am happy that I have cancer BUT I live my life different than I did before, and for that I am thankful. Never take a day for granted. Nobody is guaranteed tomorrow. God has walked every step with me and makes me the strong person that I am. My girls will ALWAYS remember that there Mom never gave up without one heck of a fight.”

- Mandy

Mandy’s experience with Red Aspen is a beautiful example of the strong community of support and encouragement within Red Aspen. We feel so honored to have amazing women like Mandy wearing our lashes and are thrilled to be able to name a product after her. She is reminds us of the importance of living every day to the fullest and not taking anything for granted.