Maycee's Lemonade Stand

Here at Red Aspen, we are committed to building a team of hardworking and determined women who consistently prove that anything is possible when you commit yourself to excellence.

Meet Maycee, the face of our adorable Maycee’s Lemonade Stand Nail Dash and a woman who embodies determination with her ongoing dedication to her achieving her goals. Maycee is an incredible example of one #fearlessfemale!

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Growing up, Maycee was always known for having a big heart. Being the middle sibling, she earned the title of ‘peacemaker’ by always making sure everyone was getting along and treating each other fairly. From a young age until now, Maycee has always cared deeply for those around her, whether she knows them well or not, she makes sure that they know everyone feels seen and heard. This special trait was one that inspired her to do more than just love those around her wholeheartedly. Aside from her kind heart and loving personality, she always had a natural ability to excel in her life.

Her sibling explains the dedication she showed growing up, “Maycee is annoyingly good at almost everything. She excelled in school and sports. She was good at everything she tried. Ultimately she earned both academic and athletic scholarships in college and competed all four years on her college track and field team.”

Maycee’s hard work didn’t stop there. Maycee graduated from college with a teaching degree and taught middle school math and Spanish. However, after a few years, she recognized that she wasn’t completely fulfilled in her chosen career path. She’d always had a little voice in the back of her head calling her towards something else, another passion - medicine. However, at the time of this realization, her husband was in school full-time working towards a degree in physical therapy.


Where others would have left their dreams just that - a dream - Maycee put a plan into action. She continued to work full-time as a teacher to support his goals and dreams, while simultaneously beginning the pre-requisites and testing required for medical school!

We’re excited to share that Maycee is currently on her third year of school at Pacific Northwest University in Yakima, Washington!

We’re so proud of Maycee for turning her dreams into actions, for taking a risk, and for pursuing her passions. Maycee is living proof that it’s never too late to reinvent yourself, to change direction, or to make the choice to live a fulfilled life. You go girl!