Meet Cassie, Red Aspen's in-house Beauty Expert!

Hey ladies!

I’m Cassie, your Beauty Expert for Red Aspen. I am here to help develop Red Aspen products, educate our amazing girl squad, and be your personal go to beauty guru. I can’t wait to get to know you, hear your questions, and help you fall madly in love with makeup.


Now, a little about me. I grew up in Nampa, Idaho and from a very early age loved anything hair, style and beauty related. In high school, I was the girl who never felt comfortable in traditional schooling but deep down I knew I had something to offer. I started interning at a salon by 17 and had a side hustle of special occasion hair and makeup. By 18, I told my parents I wanted to be a cosmetologist, makeup artist, stylist, and professional dancer. They gave me great parental advice telling me to “slow my roll” and narrow things down, but c’mon I was 18 and had no plan on listening. I wanted it all.


Fast forward to now, I am a retired professional dancer, cosmetologist, makeup artist, wardrobe stylist, wife and mother. I’ve developed an education program for stylists in Seattle, WA at a salon where I see my select group of clients. I do image consulting for businesses and individuals in Seattle, Boise, Portland, and Salt Lake. All of these roles I am proud of, but my role as wife and mom immensely outshine everything else.



When the ladies of Red Aspen contacted me and shared their ambitions and story, I immediately felt connected to their culture. The beauty industry is of course glamorous, but it can be one that makes women feel as though they aren’t enough. Our focus to empower, and ignite women’s strength and confidence makes us a great team! Beauty is fun, but women together are mind blowing! My hope is to bring you knowledge but also bring you friendship and support. My hope is to (as Red Aspen would say) “Inspire women to stand up, stand out, and stand together by uniting passion with purpose.” 




Cassie Hackett

Red Aspen Beauty Expert