Meet Our Glitter Lashes - Kasey & Amira!

Here at Red Aspen, we have an amazing support system in place at the Treehouse. The foundation of the support team revolves around two women – Kasey and Amira! These gorgeous ladies answer all of the support tickets that customers and Brand Ambassadors send in. They continually inspire us with their positive attitudes and work ethic, so we  are thrilled to announce that we named our very first glitter lashes after them!

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Kasey is a ray of sunshine. Raised in southern California, Kasey lights up any room she talks into with her radiant positivity. We had to name a sparkle lash after her! The Kasey Lash is our first ever faux silk glitter band lash. This lash delivers a glamorous yet subtle flair that won’t overwhelm your look, but adds the perfect amount of sparkle to it. Because after all, everyone wants a little touch of sparkle, right?!

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At the Treehouse, Kasey is a constant affirmation of positivity. She walks in the Treehouse every morning with a stunning smile on her face as she says, “good morning, sunshine!”

Kasey got her Bachelor's degree in Communications from Boise State, eventually finding her way to Red Aspen in the spring of 2018.

Kasey is fun and adventurous, when she’s not working at Red Aspen you can find her doing basically anything outdoors. She is also incredibly dedicated and hardworking. Her balance of work and fun is hard to come by! It’s not uncommon to find Kasey at the office after hours, responding to tickets. One of the things we love most about Kasey is her ability to be her true self in all that she does – continually inspiring us with authenticity and a sense of humor that will have us rolling on the floor laughing. When she’s’ not at Red Aspen, you can find Kasey cleaning up at beach volleyball or hanging out on a lake or river, because this girl is happiest anytime she’s near water!

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Amira is a bold, young woman who’s lovely, upbeat attitude and witty sense of humor makes her one of the most fun people to be around. This makeup maven comes into work every day with serious passion for what she does. Every task Amira completes is sure to be dripping in charm and style. She is the woman behind the thoughtful awards and recognition cards and packages we send our Brand Ambassadors. We often look at the beautiful cards and care packages she puts together and we know that no one could have created a more thoughtful package.

She is the first stop anytime we need some witty name inspiration and her diligence in her work takes things to the next level. Much like Kasey, Amira is often here afterhours to answer tickets. We appreciate her work ethic and dedication in every situation. We can hardly believe Amira is only 18 years old!! She only recently graduated from high school, which is easy to forget given her maturity level. She’s also drop dead gorgeous and has been our model more than once… You may recognize her from our social feeds and a few How-To PDFs.

She loves to make people smile and laugh more than anything. As a result, people are naturally drawn to her! She makes everyone around her feel good because of her positive attitude. Amira is the to-go for opinions on makeup and outfits, she is basically an online shopping expert. 

“I’ve never experienced a community of women that have given me so much support in my life as I have at Red Aspen. I love that I can offer other women some of that support I get at the office every day.”  Amira said.

Made of faux mink, the Amira Lash delivers luxurious length and volume. This lash will make you fun and FEARLESS!  Amira's glitter band adds stunning sparkle, making this our most glamorous lash yet.

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Together, Kasey and Amira bring the party to Red Aspen. They keep life lively, fun and  go above and beyond to get their work done. Much like the women they’re named after, the Kasey and Amira lash bring the party to ANY look. 

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