Melissa Lash

Beauty on the inside and the out – Melissa Lunsford is the definition of an amazing woman. She is also the inspiration for the Melissa Lash.


The Melissa lash is elegant, with medium volume and wisp. Melissa’s deep multi-layered, premium silk fibers are a perfect representation of the real Melissa’s personality – multi-dimensional and deep, while still being lighthearted and a positive ray of light to all those around her. Often described as one of the most kind, caring people you could meet, Melissa is the type of person you want in your circle.



We are lucky enough to have had Melissa as our model a number of times – she is drop dead gorgeous! Melissa has been the nanny to our CEO Jesse’s children for a years now, so Jesse had been waiting for the perfect Lash to name after her.


“I truly don’t know what I would do without Melissa in my life. She is so compassionate - I admire so much about her. One of the things I admire most is how centered in her faith Melissa is. I couldn’t imagine doing what I am without her, she helps me in so many ways. I wouldn’t trust my children with anyone else. I see the way they look at her and how excited they are to see her, I know they love just as much as I do. Melissa is a member of our family.”

- Jesse McKinney

Melissa is inspiration to be strong in your values, keep a positive mindset about life, and above all else, always treat people with upmost kindness and compassion. Life is a beautiful gift and looking at it through the Wispiness of the Melissa Lash helps things look a tad brighter and a lot more fun. Shop Melissa below!

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