Nia Franklin Wins Miss America

Nia stunned on stage, wearing the Reese Lash from Red Aspen.

Cultivating a community of smart, intelligent women who are out to do great things in the world is our mission at Red Aspen. This year, we were honored to sponsor many of the amazing women who competed for the title of Miss America on the evening of Sept 9th. Red Aspen contacted the women from all 50 states and ended up giving lashes to just over half of the women. As it turned out, 7 out of the top 10 women in the competition were sponsored with Red Aspen lashes!

We had so much fun cheering on these amazing women by watching their journey's on social media and the broadcast of the competition on ABC. The Red Aspen team gathered together to watch the competition on Sunday night and we were ecstatic when Nia Franklin, Miss New York, won and was crowned Miss America! Nia was one of the women we communicated with most about the sponsorship- we were quickly won over by her charm and personality. We loved following along via Instagram as she prepared for the competition. Nia's favorite lashes (and the ones she wore on ABC Sunday night) are the Red Aspen Reese Lashes.

Click picture below for more information on Nia and the other Miss America finalists! 

Nia Franklin was named Miss America Sunday night in Atlantic City. (Noah K. Murray / AP)

Nia Franklin was named Miss America Sunday night in Atlantic City. (Noah K. Murray / AP)


The Miss America pageant is a scholarship program and is the nation’s leading advocate for women’s education and the largest provider of scholarship assistance to young women in the United States, awarding millions of dollars annually in cash awards and in-kind tuition waivers. 

These women don’t just look pretty – they have contributed tens of thousands of community service hours annually and have raised over $16 million for Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals and Miss America scholarships since 2007. These ladies are empowered and using their positions to help empower others. If you follow our Instagram, you’ve probably noticed a lot of the women showing up on our Instagram stories! We have enjoyed watching them try the lashes and glad to see them using the lashes both stage and in their day to day lives.

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If you watched the Miss America pageant, which aired on ABC, Sept 9th, you might have noticed some gorgeous ladies wearing some gorgeous lashes. Below are the names and states of the women who received Red Aspen lashes:

Photo Credit Lou Rocco/ABC via Getty Images

Photo Credit Lou Rocco/ABC via Getty Images

  • Adrianna David - Miss Maryland

  • Alexandra Coppa - Miss Rhode Island

  • Allison K Farris - Miss DC

  • Annie Jorgensen - Miss Georgia

  • Beck Bridger - Miss Wyoming

  • Bridget Oei - Miss Connecticut

  • Callie Walker - Miss Alabama

  • Courtney Schuman - Miss Arkansas

  • Danamarie McNicholl-Carter - Miss Washington

  • Grace Khachaturian - Miss Illinois

  • Jaime Gialloreto - Miss New Jersey

  • Jesse Craig - Miss Utah

  • Jessica Shultis - Miss Nebraska

  • Joanna Wicks - Miss Delaware

  • Julia Crane - Miss Vermont

  • Katie Olson - Miss North Dakota

  • Laura Haller - Miss Montana

  • Madeline Collins - Miss West Virginia

  • Matti-Lynn Chrisman - Miss Ohio

  • Mikhayla Hughes - Miss Iowa

  • Nia Franklin - Miss New York

  • Nina Forest - Miss Idaho

  • Olivia Mayo - Miss Maine

  • Taylor Ballard - Miss Oregon

  • Taylor Tyson - Miss Florida

  • Tianna Vanderhei - Miss Wisconsin


We were proud to support each of these individuals by sending them Red Aspen lashes. We wish them the best of luck as they pursue their education, work toward their dreams, and live everyday life as the empowered, strong leaders they are.


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