The Miss Lash

Melissa, who also goes by Miss, is our newest leading lash lady! As a military mother & wife, this real life Wonder Woman has gone above and beyond to support her husband while building a family.


While in high school, Miss met Tyler and the two quickly fell madly in love, deciding to spend their life together. Two quickly became three when Miss became pregnant with their daughter, Madison. Shortly after, Tyler approached Miss and asked her to support his decision to join the Air Force. Miss accepted immediately knowing that this decision was far bigger than herself and her child. She became a heroine in her own right as a military wife.


Miss and Tyler moved their family across state lines to a new military base and Tyler began frequently deploying for months at a time into international warzones. Miss, with baby Madison in tow, found solace in the tremendous communities of wives like herself whose husbands were away. Miss credits her ability to not only persevere, but flourish, on the support she found within the military base and, specifically, the brave wives she came to know on the base.

Life as a military wife is not easy. Constantly worrying about her husband and raising her children without his presence has been trying at times, but ultimately has made Miss into the strong, courageous woman she is today.


Over the past few years, Miss and Tyler’s family has continued to grow (they now have 2 girls and a new baby boy!). They have moved four times for Tyler’s role, in which he has risen up the ranks in the Air Force. Tyler is still on active duty and  deploys to hostile countries around the world to keep those at home safe, including his wife and kids. While Tyler is directly serving, we believe that those who remain are making as much of a sacrifice for our country. Miss continues to show her true courage saying:

“It is a gift to be able to be at home with my children and watch them grow. And I’m so proud that Tyler is able to live his dream and serve our country. I wouldn’t have it any other way.”


So how does she do it all? Miss advises other young mothers to stay busy and foster relationships with others, develop a strong support system with friends and family, keep faith in God, and remain courageous even when times seem impossible. When the stress builds up for Miss, she’ll often go running to clear her head. Miss exclaims, “You just have to buckle up and do it!”


Miss’s beauty advice to all you gorgeous Red Aspen lovers: 

“You should be who you are. Invest in good products; it’s goes a long way in feeling confident about yourself.”