Happy Birthday Red Aspen

Dear Brand Ambassadors,  

Amazement. Pride. Elation. Admiration. Wonder. These are all words I’ve used to describe the last year. As we approach our one year anniversary I’d be remiss if I didn’t pause and write this letter to you, the most unbelievable sales force I’ve ever had the privilege of working with.  So many of you have become our dear friends, and it’s almost inconceivable that one year ago we were not in each other’s lives. It’s interesting to think about who we will meet in the next year, and how integral they will be not just in business, but in shaping the future of Red Aspen. Each one of you creates a distinct mark, your own impression, on our beloved Company, and it is with that sentiment that I thank you for your hard work, determination and dedication. It’s because of YOU and your effort that Red Aspen is one of the fastest growing startups in the direct sales industry. We share this accomplishment, and it’s with great pleasure that we congratulate you on your successes and growth.   


To the Corporate Treehouse team, thank you. Thank you for bringing your best day in and day out. It gives me such pride knowing that you care about our Brand Ambassadors on a personal level, and know that their success is our success. Genie and Amanda, I couldn’t ask for better partners and friends. Amanda, thank you for being a constant source of joy and light in life. Genie, no one, and I mean no one, has the insane, type-a, get it done skills that you do. Joy and Ericka, you took a chance on us and left your jobs to work with Red Aspen, and we are beyond grateful for both of you. Kasey and Amira, thank you for taking Treehouse support to the next level, and I can’t tell you how much we appreciate the care, detail, and can-do attitude you put into every ticket and task you take on. Evanann, your research skills and fun loving, innovative brain make us all the more playful and strategic. Lindsey and Camille, you constantly amaze us by not only bringing your beauty expertise to our Brand Ambassadors, but for being so willing to learn new skillsets and bring your creativity to life through so many different art forms. To all our vendors and partners, thank you for believing in our mission and vision, for elevating Red Aspen, for bringing our brand to life, and for giving us so much of your knowledge and expertise.


So what’s next for Red Aspen? Well, to quote the song by Bachman Turner Overdrive, “Ba-ba-ba-baby you just ain’t seen nothin’ yet.” We are just getting warmed up, and the horizon is filled with wonder. If you think the last year has been fun, we promise you’ll be brimming with glee when you learn what’s in store for Red Aspen. Industry leading beauty. THAT is what we are going for as we strive to fulfill our mission and inspire women to stand up, stand out, and stand together by uniting passion with purpose. Together let’s build the Red Aspen forest and our legacy. What we do now matters.

Albert Einstein once wrote, “Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.” I love that quote because I firmly believe we are all geniuses in our own right, and each one of us has special skills and talents that make us one-of-a-kind. Brand Ambassadors and Treehouse staff, thank you for bringing your own personal brand of genius to Red Aspen. It takes all types to build strong roots, grow, and flourish, and I know that together with all the talent and genius that exists in this Company we can do ANYTHING we put our minds to. Ain’t no mountain high enough, my friends.  

Happy birthday. Cheers to another year together.

With My Utmost Respect and Admiration,


Jesse McKinney

CEO, Red Aspen