Princess Clara

These gorgeous Nail Dashes, Princess Clara, match the even more adorable little girls that they were inspired by. This tiny set of twins have been working together since day one to defeat the odds and come out stronger! Clara and Abigail continuously show what it means to stand together and never give up, no matter how difficult the climb might be.


“They defeated the odds against them and pushed through learning to breathe and to eat on their own. At 1 pound 8 ounces and 2 pounds they showed me what true fighters are, and inspired me to do just the same.”

-Vic McCain (Clara and Abigail’s mom)

Clara and Abigail were born at just 27 weeks gestation (the time spent in the womb), and fought hard through 80 days in the NICU where they struggled to eat, breathe, and manage their body temperature. McCain recalls watching their bond grow stronger and stronger over their time at the hospital in those two months, “When having trouble breathing, the girls’ numbers would improve when I held them both at the same time so they were together. They would even hold hands when they were that little!” Even before they could fully help themselves, they were helping each other with their battles to make sure they both came out stronger! Of course, their fight wasn’t quick or easy, but the way they handled it gave hope to everyone rooting for these two tiny heroes that they were determined to get out of the hospital and start their lives.

“The girls were fighters from the get-go and made it clear they were going to push through this. I was shocked how strong willed these tiny little babies could be!”

-Vic mccain

We are so thrilled to have shared clara and ABIGAIL'S story of two small twins who fought together despite any obstacles that got in their way. they may be small, but they are strong, determined, and inspiring in big ways!