Purple Rae

To anyone that knew her, Taylor Rae was a bubbly, outgoing, and ambitious young woman. She was a friend to everyone no matter where they came from or where they were going. She was determined for success and driven towards her goals, she was the brightest Rae of sunshine to anyone she met.


“Indeed, it was Taylor’s mission to learn, and grow, and change the world. On the night of January 8, 2019, the world changed forever with her tragic passing. This was not the last chapter of Taylor’s life, though. Her family is committed to using Taylor’s story to help others who are struggling with mental health issues.”

-Taylor Rae’s Family


Taylor was a sophomore at the University of Kentucky and was going into her second semester of sophomore year. She was double majoring in Integrated Strategic Communications and Digital Media and Design. Through her hard-work and outstanding skills, she earned an internship for iHeart Radio where she got to meet and work with notable musicians and learn all she could. Taylor Rae was also apart of a sorority, Chi Omega, where she was always surrounded by girls happy to see her and live with her. Taylor’s family remarks, “the pictures she posted online of her life’s journey told the story of a beautiful girl with tons of opportunity and potential. Seemingly, life was not just good, it was the kind of good that every young girl dreams of having.” Taylor Rae struggled with mental health issues that were unable to be masked by the goodness in her life, although she was able to surround herself with the things she loved most in life, her illness was one battle she couldn’t fight any longer. This tragedy fueled her family and loved ones to fight against mental health issues and raise awareness for others who struggle with this misfortune.

Taylora Schlosser (Taylor’s mom) wants to make sure that her daughter’s story does not end, so she created The Rae of Sunshine Foundation. Through the foundation, Schlosser is travelling the state to talk about mental health and suicide. “You have a story as well, your story is important, and what can you do to change other people’s story,” she said.

-Bridgett Howard for Lex18 News

Taylor Rae’s heartwarming story inspires women everyone to be open about their struggles and reach out to others who can help. We want to share her story to anyone who needs to hear it for themselves, or for a loved one. As we inspire women to Stand Up, Stand Out, and Stand Together, we want to highlight the importance of Taylor’s message, a girl who still shines as a true Rae of sunshine.