Red Aspen Annual Awards

Happy Birthday Red Aspen!

As of Oct 18th, 2018, Red Aspen has officially been business for a whole year! This would not have been possible without the amazing women of Red Aspen, our #BossBabe Brand Ambassadors. We want to celebrate our one year anniversary by thanking each of you - our customers, our brand ambassadors, even our Tree House team. It is thanks to your time, talent, and passion that Red Aspen exists. Each and everyone of you is a beautiful, dynamic person, and we hope that being a part of the Red Aspen community empowers you to tackle anything in life, because we KNOW you are capable, smart, and resourceful enough to do ANYTHING you set your mind to.


Annual Pop-Up Maven Awards. This award is given to the individual that had the largest pop up in the last year.

1. Sloane M of Charisma & Crowns

2. Melissa G of Sparkle + Roots

3. Karen G of Sparkle + Roots

Annual Sales Ace Awards. The Annual Sales Award is given to the top PV earners this year.

1. Sloane M of Charisma & Crowns

2. Nichole M of Classy Sassy Cute

3. Tara G of Dreamcatchers.

Annual Sponsoring Devotee Awards. This award is given to the individual that personally enrolls the most new team members that go active.

1. Janelle M of the Lash Mavens

2. Nichole M of Classy Sassy Cute

3. Brittnie S of Hustle + Heart.


Value Awards

As you know, Red Aspen’s mission is to inspire women to stand up, stand out, and stand together by uniting passion with purpose. We live this mission in everything we do, and it guides our decisions. We don’t, however, talk about our values nearly enough. As most of you remember from our Battle of the Lashes, our values are playful, curious, courageous, and fulfilled. It is truly our honor to present Red Aspen’s very first value awards. We will recognize four outstanding women who we think have best exemplified one of these four values over the last year. This year, and every year going forward, we will give value awards to women who have truly made a lasting impression on this company. Here are the women who won our Value Awards this year:

Playful Value Award - Jennifer S of Sparkle + Roots.    

The recipient of the playful award has consistently shown a positive, upbeat attitude. Jen didn’t come bolting out the gate at Red Aspen, but she had passion, drive and desire, and she quickly put her talents to work building her team. She shows us that it is with hard work and a playful attitude that dreams are made. We at the Treehouse have enjoyed watching her grow and change over the last year, and can’t imagine Red Aspen without her playful spirit. Her world is encapsulated with the magical, and she’s always willing to share that magic with her team.

Courageous Value Award - Nichole M of Classy Sassy Cute.

The winner of the Courageous Value Award is fierce and strong in almost every part of their life. We chose Nichole for this award because she has taken huge, courageous steps towards achieving her goals. Twists and turns in her life haven’t always helped in achieving those goals, but she has worked to provide for her family and to live her life in the way that helps her unite her business passion with her purpose, which is her three children and husband.

Fulfilled Value Award - Sloane M of Charisma + Crowns.     

As you all know, fulfillment is what we aim for at Red Aspen, and that’s why it’s not only a value, but also part of our mission statement. The recipient of the fulfilled award is doing just that. Sloane is using her Red Aspen business to pursue her passions, to further herself and reach for her educational dreams. She’s a dreamer and an achiever and shows us that if you can dream it, you can do it. She’s currently working to put herself through law school, and she gets only ONE personal day off, and she’s here spending it with us. We’re excited to watch this wonder woman grow and achieve in all areas of her life.

Curious Value Award - Janelle M of Lash Mavens.  

The Curious Value Award goes to a Brand Ambassador who is a living embodiment of curiosity. She’s not afraid to try new things. She’s bold in the pursuit of what sets her soul on fire, and she was more than a little curious when she chose to make the jump over to Red Aspen. Janelle’s steadfast determination and her desire to explore her world helped her grow her Red Aspen business to new heights. She’s curious in life, curious in business, and curious in others. We are so thankful that this Brand Ambassador decided to chart her own course to success and embark on her own Red Aspen journey.

IMG_9931 (1).JPG

At our Birthday Bash in Scottsdale, we honored each of Red Aspen’s 12 Founding Directors. Each of these pioneering women earned their title in Red Aspen’s first year of business. Below are their names, listed in order of promotion.


Janelle M, Founding Director

Nichole M, Founding Director

Jennifer S, Founding Director

Jill K, Founding Director

Vanessa C, Founding Director

Jordan O, Founding Director

Brittnie S, Founding Director

Sloane M, Founding Director

Katie S, Founding Director

Blakeleigh K, Founding Director

Tara G, Founding Director

Danielle Y, Founding Director

Congratulations to these amazing ladies!

The reason Red Aspen is celebrating our 1 year Birthday anniversary is because of the AMAZING women on our team. Red Aspen’ s mission is to empower women to stand up, stand out, and stand together by uniting passion with purpose. This has created the most empowering culture at Red Aspen. We can’t wait to see where we will be standing next year.

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