The Reese Lash

Introducing the Reese Lash — a faux mink, multi-layered 3D lash that will add incredible length and dimension to amplify and glamorize your already gorgeous features!

This lash is so special, it isn’t named after just one woman — it’s named after SIX!

Meet some of the Reese women — each one a mother, an individual, and an all-around BOSS! (Did we mention they’re also related to CEO Jesse (Reese) McKinney and CSO Genie Reese? The Red Aspen lady bosses come from good roots!)

Shelly, Sarah and Susie with brothers Spencer, Scott (Murphy) and Steve

Shelly, Sarah and Susie with brothers Spencer, Scott (Murphy) and Steve


In recognition of Mother’s Day, meet the Reese moms who embody what it means to work hard and keep it all together!

Grandmother Susan has dedicated her life to service. She’s worked tirelessly serving the Haitian people and helping Catholic charities. In fact, she even received the President’s Volunteer Service Award from George W. Bush! Susan is a volunteer at St. Patrick Center which serves the homeless in downtown St. Louis. She is the mother of six, the grandmother of 16, and the great grandmother of four. All their lives, Jesse and Genie have admired their grandmother’s devotion to God, her family, and the community. (Fun fact: Susan is Genie’s middle name!)

Susu with President Bush

Susu with President Bush

Susu with her grandbaby!

Susu with her grandbaby!

Aunt Susie has a passion for teaching. She’s also raised her own three kids while moving from coast to coast around the country! Jesse said about her aunt, “Aunt Susie was always looking for education opportunities that didn’t involve the television. She is big on family and represents such good values. She always makes me feel like I want to live a better life … all while maintaining a sense of humor! And as a mother, she has done such an amazing job raising her three kids.”

Susie with daughter Michael 

Susie with daughter Michael 

pooh runn.JPG

Aunt Shelly is a journalist and storyteller. She worked as a reported for USA Today and now runs her own freelance business. She is passionate about traveling and raising her two children.

Jesse says what she admires most about her aunt is that, “ she is raising her girls in SUCH a positive way. I love how she is really into the arts — she’s an incredible painter! — and she encourages her girls to pursue their passions and embrace their uniqueness.”

shel shel 2.JPG
Shel shel.JPG

Aunt Sarah is a nurse practitioner living in California with her three incredible kids.

Genie said, "She always takes the time to reach out and stay connected to family. I have always loved how open and welcoming she is to everyone around her. She goes out of her way to create a fun atmosphere for everyone she comes into contact with. And she is a total motivator! She coaches her kids sports teams and loves a good competition!”

shelly sarah.JPG
sister x2.JPG
sarah field hockey.JPG

Genie and Jesse always called Aunt Karen “Pretty Aunt Karen” growing up. Karen is very loving and knows everyone as a friend. She recently retired from a career in corporate finance to dedicate more time to her two grandchildren — one named Reese! — who both call her “KayKay.” Jesse said, “Her big heart is all about her grandkids now. It’s great!”

karen susu.JPG
Karen wedding.JPG
karen fam.JPG

Aunt Eileen is a nurse and devoted mom to four kids. She’s always focused on letting them express themselves and encourages them to be the free-spirited people they were born to be. Genie said, “She’s the person you call when you’re having a bad day. She values self-worth and standing up for yourself. She’s a really good mom and brings out the best in her kids.”  Aunt Eileen even has a drink named after her. “It’s called ‘Come On, Eileen,’ like the song. It’s a vodka soda with a swirl of cranberry juice and six lime wedges — preferably on a beach!” said Jesse.


On Sunday, May 13, celebrate moms everywhere by raising a glass to your favorite women. Red Aspen will certainly be celebrating all of you. Cheers and Happy Mother’s Day!

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