Sarah in the Snow


Sarah is the founder and leader of Postpartum Society of Florida, a non-profit support group that provides peer to peer support, and education to women facing Postpartum Depression and other maternal mental health illness. Sarah was nominated by Deanna Silva, who met Sarah after the birth of her twins in 2014.


Sarah has the most amazing and calming personality. Her giant heart makes her a joy to be around from the moment you meet her, and her caring personality makes her one of the most genuine souls Deanna has ever been blessed to call her friend.


Deanna met Sarah after the birth of her twins in 2014. Deanna suffered severe PPD and PPA in silence for 15 months because she didn’t want to seek help for fear of being judged and people not understanding what she was going through. After reading about Sarah, Deanna reached out to her for help and she immediately responded, encouraging her to come to a meeting. After stepping foot into that room for the first time with Sarah and the rest of the support group, Deanna felt like for the first time in over a year she didn't feel alone. Sarah made her feel like she could be completely open and not feel judged or alone.



One of the most inspiring parts about Sarah is transparency when it came to struggles she faced in her life. Sarah faced her own battle with PPD after the birth of one of her children, and when she came out of that darkness, she was determined to provide a place where moms could turn for love, help, education, and support. Today, Sarah has started the first ever "SisterMom" mentor program in the United States.


Sarah has helped so many women through dark points in their lives, helping to lift them into a brighter place in life. Red Aspen is honored to recognize Sarah for the amazing, uplifting, positive impact she has had on so many women’s lives by naming a product after her. To get Sarah in the Snow, reach out to a brand ambassador or shop now!