Top Technologies For Your Direct Sales Business

Listen, running a business is hard. Luckily we live in a fast paced technological world that makes it that much easier for us. That is why today I would like to share some of the top technologies that we believe can help you run your Red Aspen business in a more efficient, effective and, certainly more sane, fashion.


Facebook Groups

We use this regularly! It’s a great way to communicate with your consumers and fellow brand ambassadors where they are……on Facebook! We dove into the different advantages of all the various platforms in an earlier group but for a meaningful direct form of communication, we recommend using this platform regularly. Also, we understand this isn’t a technology, but it is a fantastic tool!

Here are some great resources on the best way to utilize Facebook groups. Take a peak.

How to use Facebook Groups For Business

An Eye Opening Guide On How To Grow A Facebook Group


Asana Project Management

Asana is a great tool if you are working through different projects at the same time. To put this simply: Let’s say that you want to post a new photo on Instagram. That might require that you organize your friends you want in the photo, set a time to take the photo, put on those gorgeous lashes, edit the photo, come up with a catchy post, determine a posting time and, finally, post it. Asana is a great way to manage all of the different tasks and dates you need them by, in an easy to use platform.

asana snip.JPG

Additionally, we understand that you might have several side hustles going on at the same time and….we love it. That being said, often times it requires that you prioritize and manage several projects at the same time. This is a great way to do that! Create a Red Aspen section, create a team soccer mom section, create a bible study group….the world is your oyster.

Check out the following links for tips and tricks on the best way to use Asana:

Asana Tutorials:


LinkedIn Sales Groups

Before you go gawking at how LinkedIn is not the greatest platform for the direct sales industry, I highly encourage you to go and do a quick search. There are thousands of groups for other people in the direct sales industry looking for growing companies and sharing tips and tricks!

Linkedin snip.JPG

If you haven’t already, check out our LinkedIn Business Page: 

Also we have a few other groups that it might be beneficial to join.

Classic Email

It’s an oldy but it’s also a goody! For some of the urgent communication, the best way to do this is with classic email. Sending someone an email lets them know that you thought about it.


“List’s make the world go round” – Genie Reese, Chief Strategy Officer, Cofounder and avid list builder.

Plan for anything. Organize and share your to-do, work, grocery, Red Aspen and household lists. Wunderlist allowes users to create these list on many devices (mobile, tablet and desktop). Tasks can also be organized with hashtags (for more information on how to use hashtags, check out the following blog post hyperlink to the blog about hashtags). Using a feature know as “Mail to Wunderlist”, users can send or forward emails to  and add tasks to their Wunderlist accounts.

Check it out on the google store or iTunes