The Power of Pinterest

Do you have a Pinterest account? Red Aspen does! Hopefully you knew that, but if you didn't, check it out here! We spent the last few days at the treehouse re-organizing it.

Most of us have personal Pinterest boards that we fill we cute outfits, recipes, workout goals, etc. But do you use your Pinterest for your business? We’re here to tell you why you should and give you some tips and tricks on how to do it. Leveling up your Pinterest game could help you #slay your business goals.


Tip #1

Make your Pinterest profile a business profile.

Why should you do this? Business mode on pinterest allows you access into all sorts of data and analytics that personal accounts don’t even have! And if you’re thinking – “Data? Analytics? Ewww, no thanks.” We feel you. But what Business Pinterest can show you, is which of your pins are most popular! This gives you an idea what types of pins you’re doing right and which type might need to be adjusted.

Set your Pinterest to a Business account here

Because let's be real, you deserve a business profile. You're a #BossBusinessBabe




Tip #2

Be intentional about your boards

Make boards with the end customer in mind. How you name and organize your boards is going to be crucial for the Pinterest experience of anyone who looks at your boards! Use names that make sense but keep them fun. Think like a pinner. Which boards are your visitors most likely to click on first?

It’s not all about your potential customers though, don’t forget that you can have Secret Boards. Pinterest even allows you share a secret board with select friends so it can be a collaboration between a certain group! This makes plannign that group Halloween costume easy and private so no one can steal your genius costume ideas. Use secret boards to your advantage! Have your inspiration boards in secret mode to house all ideas that you are still developing. Or, build your boards in secret until you are 100% ready to release them to your Pinterest audience!

Below is our Pinterest dashboard. Previously on our Pinterest page, each Lash had it's own page. However, those individual boards were taking up too much space on our homepage! So  we combined them all into a new board we titled "Lashes" which will help our homepage look less chaotic to people who visit it. 




Tip #3

Quality is key.

Let’s face it – broken links, blurry images, typos, incorrectly sized photos… None of this makes the cut in today’s Pinterest world.

Use what you have at your disposal! We put together the photo shoots for all of the Red Aspen products and upload all of them to the Treehouse under Marketing Materials and Social Images for each product. Use them to make your own pins!

The Treehouse is like your all access pass to training and marketing materials for ALL products. This includes photos, videos, PDF's and more. 

Don’t forget! Use hashtags and keywords. In the description for each pin, add a little bit about the product! Keep it brief but get those keywords in there so your pins show up when people search for Lashes, Brows and more. It will help get you re-pins! 



Tip #4

It’s about more than just selling.

Let’s be real, nobody goes to Pinterest to see a bunch of lame boards with ONLY products to buy. Boring. You need to sell your future customers on WHY and HOW.

Make your boards fun! Use them to educate people. Create boards that are balanced with how-to’s, look inspiration, photos that complement the aesthetic … Let your imagination run wild!

One of our most popular boards on Pinterest is our Words of Wisdom board. Most of the pins are not directly applicable to Red Aspen, but they all embody something we stand for. Plus, they help drive traffic to our Pinterest page. It's a win - win! 

Inspo Quote 2.jpg
Inspo Quote 1.jpg
Inspo Quote 3.jpg



Tip #5

Think pre-season pinning

A picture says 1,000 words and can be a source of inspiration for a long time. Instagram and Pinterest are leaders of the social media platforms for a reason! Both are strongly image based.

Where do you go when you need outfit inspiration for that cocktail party or ideas for your next Halloween costume? PINTEREST!

Keep that in mind when pinning. People go to pinterest searching for seasonal pins, or more often than not, PRE-seasonal pins. That means that your pin game needs to a step ahead.

For example, let’s say you wanted to post makeup tutorial for Halloween and loop in some Red Aspen products that could be used to perfect the look. You are going to need to be posting Halloween content way before Oct 31st, because you want to catch people's excitement right as they become interested in the upcoming holiday.  Capture their attention in the brainstorming phase and they will stay engaged for longer. 


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