The Vivian Lash

Vivian means “life.” Bright. Vibrant. Strong. These words perfectly encapsulate Vivian, a mother and role model to her daughter.

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Vivian dedicated her life to being the best mother to her daughter, Lindsey. As a woman of faith, Vivian taught Lindsey the virtues of kindness and acceptance. Lindsey says, “She never met a stranger. Her heart was so tremendously big; she embraced everyone.”  An encouraging mother, Vivian motivated her daughter to follow her dreams, always there to support her wildest endeavors.


Though she battled many illnesses and injuries, Vivian still put others needs before hers. As her daughter Lindsey describes, “She was everyone’s biggest cheerleader.” And a cheerleader she was! From school activities to family dinners, Vivian was there to be sure Lindsey reached her greatest potential. Succumbing to her illnesses last year, Lindsey will always hold tight to her mother’s memory. She says,

If I could be an ounce of the woman my mother was, then I know I will do great things.”


So take a moment to call your mother and tell her you love her! Moms are so so so important. They shaped us into the strong women we are today. Mothers accept us for who we truly are (except that middle school thick eyeliner phase... #momsalwaysright). Our guiding light, they’re always there to pick us up when we stumble. Her unconditional love for you will never falter. Allll the feeelllz. So go, right now! Give your mama the biggest hug and thank her for EVERYTHING she’s ever done for you.

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The Vivian Lash