Tulips for Tiffani

Fighter. Warrior. Cancer survivor. An inspiration loved by all.

Red Aspen celebrates naming their products after women who are strong, fearless and inspirational, those who lead by example and leave a lasting impact on everyone they meet. We are proud to introduce you to Tiffani, the sister of one of our very own Brand Ambassador’s, Karla!

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Karla says she’ll never forget receiving a devastating call from her sister last November. With panic in her voice, Tiffani told Karla that the doctor had found a lump and suspected it was cancerous. She had a biopsy scheduled for the following morning. Without hesitation, Karla was in her car and made the 6 hour drive to be by her sister’s side for the procedure. Karla and Tiffani discovered that their fear would become a reality with the test results - Tiffani was diagnosed with stage 3, grade 3 breast cancer.

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Tiffani soon began her treatment, enduring 20 weeks of aggressive chemotherapy, every Tuesday for 2 hours. She immediately lost her taste buds, and her tongue and nail beds turned black. Within 2 weeks of treatment, Tiffani had lost her hair, and her eyebrows and eyelashes had fallen out.

It seemed as if there was no time to even adjust, but through the devastating news and the effects the aggressive treatment had on her body, she kept on smiling through it all. She said cancer would not be her story and she would not let it define her. Tiffani continued to work at her community outreach job, she volunteered with her nieces dance and track teams, and refused to miss her nephews college football games. Karla knew she was tired and in pain, but she pushed through it all while undergoing chemo and finishing her college degree! Yes- despite everything she was going through, she graduated from college this past May. KUDOS TO YOU, TIFFANI!

In June, Tiffani had a double mastectomy and started her radiation treatment. She just recently had her last session, and today, Tiffani has gained the title of SURVIVOR!

Karla states that, “Tiffani and my SHERO! She never let us cry or worry over her! She never let us feel sorry for her or show how much pain she was going through. She is my inspiration and I have drawn so much strength from my sister, as many others have in watching her story this past year. She has shown that it’s okay to be tired, to struggle,  but giving up is never an option. Circumstances and challenges are meant to build you, not break you so that you can be a testimony for others. If I ever have to fight for my life...my sister will be my trainer!”

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